Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Book Review: Unsinkable by Nicole Bradshaw

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Nicole Bradshaw
Publication Date: May 21, 2013
5 Stars=None Stop Page Turner
Corinne LaRoche is a 15-year-old girl who strongly believes in family in Unsinkable by Nicole Bradshaw. After confronting her cheating boyfriend, Sebastien, Corinne arrives home to find her father being held by the police. Corinne’s father tells her and her sister, Astrid, they have to leave France for Canada as soon as possible but that their mother will not be joining them. Corinne can’t understand why her mother is not coming and why her father wants them to wait for him to explain later.
When they board the beautiful Titanic, Corinne and Astrid are hit with racism and evil looks, something that they were not used to. Both girls choose to ignore others behavior and plan to have a good time, so they decide to take a tour of the ship. Corinne meets Christopher who happens to be the captain’s nephew. Corinne and Christopher are attracted to each other and a bond begins. The union is frowned upon but Corinne and Christopher are determined to be together. Christopher has been promised to Sophia, a girl from an established family, but he has no interest in her. Sophia decides to make Corinne’s life on the Titanic hell if she cannot have Christopher to herself.
When Christopher and Corinne announce their engagement to their families, Sophia causes a disturbance which leads to Corinne’s father being detained and beaten. After the matter is cleared, it is announced that the ship has hit an iceberg. The ship is in an uproar and Corinne, Christopher, Astrid and their parents’ lives will never be the same.
Unsinkable is a well-written story about the first black family on the Titanic. This book is about true love, family secrets and racism. The author does a wonderful job developing characters that carry this storyline while keeping readers interested and anticipating the turn of events. I applaud this author for taking on such an historical event that touched many lives and putting her own twist and flare to it. However, I believe the author should have used another title seeming that many books related to the Titanic have this same title. I recommend Unsinkable to others.

This book was provided by the author for review purposes.

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