Monday, June 3, 2013

Book Review: Heiress To The Throne by Lady K

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Heiress To The Throne
Lady K
Publication Date: March 21, 2012
4 Stars=Great Page Turner

In Heiress To The Throne by Lady K, readers are introduced to Lync Chaney, business owner in training. Lync’s father has been teaching her everything about his drug business against her mother’s wishes. Lync’s mother finds out and moves away to stay clear of any drama. Lync’s father, Big D makes sure his daughter is covered by sending Lync’s childhood friend, Quan, with her for protection. After an incident takes place Quan and Lync must lay low. In this time their feelings for each other grow to another level until Lync finds out that Quan may have known about the death of her best friend.
Lync decides to attend college and finds that it is a good place to set up shop, especially since her roommate is all in. After a short time, Lync has to come home when things get out of control and lands Quan in the hospital fighting for his life. Lync loves Quan and is by his side. While there she has an altercation with his mother that has Lync questioning her father. When the truth is revealed it causes major damage in Lync and Quan’s relationship. Lync now wants revenge and doesn’t want anyone getting in her way. After her father’s murder Lync is next in line to take over her father’s business and learns that there are more skeletons in the closest. Will Lync decide to take over? Or will she ignore her call in becoming the Heiress To The Throne?
Heiress To The Throne is about a daughter learning to become the thug her father trained to her to be. The author does a wonderful job in portraying the roles in the drug game while still having developed characters that readers will be able to relate to. In the drug game realizing that you are very much touchable is the best way to stay alive and these characters learn this the hard way. I liked the progression of the main character that is to step into her father’s shoes without realizing that she was also stepping into the dangers her father was in to. This book had drama, secrets, betrayal and was entertaining. I recommend Heiress To The Throne to others.
This book was provided by the author for review purposes.

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