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No Condemnation by Dr. Vivi Monroe Congress

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No Condemnation

Dr. Vivi Monroe Congress

Publication Date: March 12, 2013

4=Great Page Turner

In No Condemnation by Dr. Vivi Monroe Congress readers are introduced to Trene Sloan, a salon business owner who happens to be in love with the wrong guy. Trene believes everything is going well in her life until she finds out her man, Chaz has been cheating and with one of the salon’s client. Chaz Thomas is an irresponsible womanizer who knows that Trene loves him and will forgive his flaws. Trene gets a wakeup call when a new man enters her life and shows her what real love is about.
Trene’s friend and partner Nikki has been supportive and only wants what is best for her friend. Nikki, on the other hand is dealing with her own issues but her faith will not let her give up on a chance at motherhood. When a tragedy occurs it will change the course of many lives and just maybe Nikki and her husband’s prayers will be answered.
Viola, Trene’s mother is trying to move past her husband of forty years leaving. Viola is struggling to make ends meet but will not let it get her spirit down. While exercising, Viola runs into her neighbor, Floyd and the start of a friendship begins. Will both Floyd and Viola have a second chance at love?
No Condemnation is about friendship and faith. The author does a wonderful job developing characters readers will fall in love with. This was an inspirational book that recognizes faith, love, self-worth and the meaning of friendship. This is the first title I have read by this author but will definitely read more of her work. I recommend No Condemnation to others.
This book was provided by the author for review purposes.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Book Review: Inspired To Move Forward by Aleysha R. Proctor

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Inspired To Move Forward

Alyesha R. Proctor

Publication Date: February 7, 2013

3=Okay Page Turner

Inspired To Move Forward by Aleysha R. Proctor is about moving past the many obstacles we encounter in life. It is about pursuing your purpose of fulfillment and being able to consistently encourage yourself to do and be better. This 14-chaptered book provides information on building a relationship with God and having faith that he can help you through anything. Where there is a will there is a way but you have to believe that it can be done.
Inspired To Move Forward contains stories that can be found in the Bible. The book refers to the many scriptures that relate to the chapter headings that readers can be used for studying.
This book provides needed information for those struggling in their relationship with God and or life. I applaud the author for sharing scripture as a helping tool in understanding the subject matter. However, I believe the scriptures took over the book and did not leave room for actually experiences. I would have preferred to read more of the author’s experiences and stories as it related to the different chapters. This will not stop me from reading this authors work and I do recommend others to read the book to form their own opinion.
This book was provided by the author for review purposes.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Book Review: Deep Fried Trouble by Tyora Moody

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Deep Fried Trouble

Tyora Moody

Publication Date: June 4, 2013

4 Stars=Great Page Turner

In Deep Fried Trouble by Tyora Moody readers are introduced to Eugeenia Patterson, a retired teacher who runs her neighborhood watch association. Eugeenia finds herself in a pickle when she discovers one of her neighbors, Mary, dead in her home. Eugeenia becomes interested in the investigation especially when she learns that her daughter, Leesa, is one of the prime suspects. All of this comes out after Leesa has left her children with Eugeenia and disappears. While searching for Leesa, Eugeenia takes it upon herself to find the killer and to clear her daughter’s name.
Amos Jones is a new neighbor whom Eugeenia has been trying to get to know until the current tragedy occurred. Amos is a retire detective who offers to help Eugeenia. They are on the case to solve Mary’s murder and in the process building a beautiful relationship. When Eugeenia decides to host a neighborhood watch meeting at her home, Amos supports the decision. While Eugeenia is rounding up guest she finds herself in a dire situation. Will Eugeenia finally uncover the mystery of her neighbor’s death? Or will harm come her way trying?
Deep Fried Trouble proves holding grudges ruins relationships that you might not get a chance to repair.  This was an entertaining murder mystery that kept my attention until the end. The twist and turns were unsuspected with a shocking ending. The plot was consistent and characters were well-developed. I cannot wait to see what Eugeena Patterson will get into next. I recommend Deep Fried Trouble to others.
This book was provided by the author for review purposes.

Deep Fried Trouble Book Tour with Tyora Moody

About the Author

Tyora Moody is an author and entrepreneur. Her debut novel, When Rain Falls, was released March 2012 (Urban Christian). This is the first book in the Victory Gospel series. The second book in the Victory Gospel Series, When Memories Fade, was released in April 2013 (Urban Christian).

Deep Fried Trouble, the first book in the Eugeena Patterson Mystery series will be released June 2013. Tyora has coined her books as Soul-Searching Suspense. She is a member of Sisters in Crime and American Christian Fiction Writers. She served as a judge for the Christy Awards for three years.

She owns and operates TywebbinCreations.com, a design and marketing company. For over twelve years, she has worked with authors, small business owners and non-profit organizations to develop their online presence. For free tips, how-to guides and e-courses, visit DIYwithTy.com.

When Tyora isn’t working for a client or doing something literary, she enjoys spending time with family, catching a movie on the big screen, traveling and when the mood hits her, baking cookies. Visit the author online at TyoraMoody.com.

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About the Book

Widowed and officially retired, EUGEENA PATTERSON throws herself into organizing the neighborhood association. This presents a great opportunity to re-connect with old friends and get to know new neighbors like recently widowed Amos Jones, that is until Eugeena stumbles upon her estranged neighbor’s dead body. Eugeena’s daughter is fingered as a prime suspect, but where is she?

Determined to find her missing daughter, Eugeena and Amos sort through a list of neighbors with shady or unknown backgrounds. The more she searches, the more Eugeena becomes unsure about this neighborhood association idea. Someone closer than Eugeena thinks, wants to keep it that way.

Deep Fried Trouble Contest Book Giveaway! Are you ready to get into Deep Fried Trouble?

This contest is so easy! Do you want to win an autographed copy of Deep Fried Trouble? Stop by one or more of the blogs this week and leave your answer to the following questions.

You know I’m a retired social studies school teacher. I kind of miss my students. I said kind of… Anyhow, I was curious to know, who was your favorite teacher and what subject did they teach?

For More Information Visit the author online at:www.TyoraMoody.com


View the blog tour schedule at: http://tywebbinvirtualevents.com/2013/05/deep-fried-trouble-virtual-book-tour-with-tyora-moody/

Romance Eternelle Book Tour with Lawrence D. Miquelon

About the Author

Lawrence Miquelon is actually first and foremost a registered nurse. He has a wife and grown children, and has been working in the Intensive Care Unit with children for about twenty years. He grew up in the presence of a number of ministries, and continues to participate in missions together with his family and friends. He was raised in Southern California and enjoys nature and long distance barefoot running. Having been raised his entire life in the church, he saw the shortcomings in his life and others that are all too common. Something personal, deeply spiritual and simple happened in himself and his family. He felt compelled to write a book that illustrates a level of intimate spirituality that seems almost too good to be true and is occurring to ordinary people today. He explains, "It's as though I have stumbled upon a hidden treasure of which only a small percentage of believers are aware. The book I've written is a portal into that treasure."

Q & A with Lawrence D. Miquelon

How did you become a writer?

I needed to write this book because so many good things were happening to me and my family, I had to do something.
If you were to write a book about a controversial topic, what would it be?

Because I work in ICU as an RN with children, I have seen a lot of tragic and sad things.  One of those things is the prolongation of life by artificial means when the patient is essentially in a vegetative state.  The motives for doing this are fascinating.  But in the end it is sometimes interesting and deeply disturbing. It would be very interesting to write a book that explores the motives behind this practice.
Are you an avid or occasional reader? If so, what is your favorite genre of books?

I am an occasional reader.   I enjoy true life spiritual books, like visiting heaven and even old classics by saints and preachers.  I also enjoy survival stories  and books like Born to Run.

If you could interview one of your favorite authors, who would it be? Why?

I already know my favorite author, John Crowder. So there aren't any alive that I can think of.  Francis of Assisi would be nice. People who know God well fascinate me.
If you could make a movie out of one of your books, which one would it be?

I am working on a screenplay at the moment.
Which marketing/promotions or publicity strategy has worked best in your favor?
Book giveaways on Goodreads has worked very well. Goodgirl book club has worked very well also.
Where can readers find you?

Readers can reach me at:
Website: www.romanceeternelle.com

Facebook: Romance Eternelle

Twitter: Lawrence Miquelon @ romance_eternal

About the Book
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A young woman in France finds her heart broken and seeks solace from her sister.

Reluctantly seeking help from a monk, she has an unusual dining experience. He discloses a tale that feels like a veil being lifted from her eyes. Involving a prostitute and a priest, this story captivates and entices the young lady. The otherworldly descriptions of grace and the Holy Spirit prove to be her undoing, challenging what she thought she already knew. Her intimacy lost proves to be a doorway to that which often people can only dream.

Rarely is there a book that inspires one to the Divine that doesn't involve work and discipline of some sort. As an unusual Christian romance novel, this story opens the reader to a mode of following God that seems almost too good and too easy to be true. As this allegory unfolds, a mystical reality birthed in earliest Christianity is illuminated, drawing attention to the origin of true love, grace and the promised freedom we all desire. Monks and nuns, the Catholic church and even Protestants have at times attested to such ecstasy. Freedom and joy is often elusive though, as struggle, work and sin seem to be unnecessarily common amongst many of us. The world often sees only hypocrisy. The ache for real freedom and fulfillment has never been more apparent.




4 Stars=Great Page Turner


In Romance Eternelle by Lawrence D. Miquelon readers are introduced to Danielle, a young woman planning to get married. Danielle finds out that are fiancĂ©e cheated and she calls off the wedding. Danielle turns to her sister for comfort to mend her broken heart. Her sister makes a suggestion for her to speak with their uncle. Danielle goes to dinner with her uncle who happens to be a Monk. Danielle’s uncle tells her a story about a prostitute and a priest that changes everything that she believes to be true.
Michelle is roommates with Stephanie and both are prostitutes. Michelle wants better for herself and decides to change her life. The first step she takes is attending church. Michelle starts embracing her relationship with God and her life starts to change. The Priest where Michelle attends church shares a similar experience. The paths both take in their lives are very different. After hearing Michelle and Priest Rene’s stories, Danielle realizes that she wants the same for her life.
Romance Eternelle is about accepting God’s love and sharing it with others. This book took me by surprise. It has the biblical essence of the Book of Hosea. Michelle and Priest Rene go through many changes and obstacle as they embrace the love God showers on them. The faith in Him they express is remarkable. Readers will feel they are reading a love story but it is the love between God and his children. To have that kind of love is priceless. I applaud this author for sharing such a loving and inspirational story. I recommend Romance Eternelle to others.
This book was provided by the author for review purposes.
Reviewed by Teresa Beasley

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Siding With Plato Book Tour with Michelle Manning

About the Author:

Michelle Manning was born and raised in Valencia, CA, attended Arizona State University, and graduated with a degree in journalism. After bouncing between New York and Los Angeles working in the entertainment industry, Michelle is releasing her debut novel, Siding With Plato.   

Visit her website at www.michellemanningwrites.com.

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About the Book:

Brooke Aarons can't get to college fast enough. Leaving behind her small town life, she intends to transform herself into a brilliant psychologist with no distractions along the way. But when she finds herself on a double date with the school's star football player - and worse, enjoying it - Brooke has to wonder if she's the one who needs her head examined. James Cartwright's easy life, endless bucks, and long line of willing girls should make him a non-starter for Brooke, but as she learns, the psychology behind a bad crush is a whole lot messier of a subject. Maybe Plato was right. Maybe love is a serious mental disease. If so, Brooke doesn't have long to find a cure before James' attention proves to be a terminal condition.

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Talk About It Thursday: July Book of the Month

A&RBC July Book of the Month

About the Book

When Eve Marryat's father is laid off from the Ford Motor Company in 1931, he is forced to support his family by leaving St. Paul, Minnesota, and moving back to his Ohio roots. Eve's uncle Cyrus has invited the family to live and work at his Marryat Island Ballroom and Lodge.

St. Paul seemed like a haven for gangsters, and Eve had grown fearful of living there. At seventeen, she considers her family to be "good people." They aren't lawbreakers and criminals like so many people in her old neighborhood. Thrilled to be moving to a "safe haven," Eve is blissfully unaware that her uncle's lodge is a transfer station for illegal liquor smuggled from Canada.

Eve settles in to work and makes new friends, including an enigmatic but affecting young man. But when the reality of her situation finally becomes clear, Eve is faced with a dilemma. How can she ignore what is happening right under their very noses? Yet can she risk everything by condemning the man whose love and generosity is keeping her and her family from ruin?

Comment: This was a book about family. The main character finds out a secret about her uncle and must decide to keep the secret or tell. If she tells the safety her family has come accustom to will go away. This book was interesting with well-developed characters. The storyline was consistent and easy to follow. This was a good pick for book of the month.  

August Book of the Month is

Join Us!

The 7 Keys To Change Book Tour with William Matthies

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Research by McKinsey & Company and IBM Global Business Services says that 50% to 60% of companies fail to achieve some to all of their goals and objectives, with as many as 20% failing completely.

The divorce rate among first time marrieds continues to hover around 50% increasing to 60%+ among those marrying two times or more.

Is there correlation in these numbers?

This is no coincidence; these and other statistics describing our personal and professional lives demonstrate a strong correlation between failures in one leading to failure in the other.

“The 7 Keys to Change” teaches both the individual and the manager what they need to do to improve their efforts to manage change in their personal and professional lives.”

About The Author

In 1986, William Matthies founded what was to become the largest independent market research and database marketing company in the consumer electronics and high-tech industries. By the time he sold it in 1997, The Verity group employed more than four hundred people at its California and Costa Rica offices. Prior to that, Bill cofounded Barcus Berry Electronics Inc., a venture capital backed start-up with a proprietary audio technology called BBE, which was licensed for use in audio, video, computing, and telecommunication products. From 1977 to 1983, he wore several hats at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., including director of market research, director of sales planning, national sales manager special markets, vice president of marketing, and, ultimately, senior vice president of marketing and product development. Today, Bill serves on corporate advisory boards, is a contributor to TWICE (the CE industry’s major trade publication), and lectures frequently at industry events around the world on customer relations, strategic planning, and change management.

Visit his website at: www.coyoteinsight.com

Book Review: Minus One by Norwood Holland

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Minus One

Norwood Holland

Publication Date: February 1, 2013

4=Great Page Turner

In Minus One by Norwood Holland readers are introduced to Drew Smith, a hotel employee who attends school to become a lawyer. Drew becomes friends with Medhat and Julio. These two men become a thorn in Drew’s side from borrowing his clothes, to trashing his apartment and taking his car. So, why is Drew friends with these two fellow employees?
Medhat becomes involved with the wrong crowd and evidently owes a drug dealer, Fast Eddie a lot of money. In addition, Medhat starts to date Fast Eddie’s girlfriend, which does not sit well. When Fast Eddie is found dead, Medhat becomes the prime suspect.
On his first day as a lawyer Drew acquires his first client. The client happens to be his friend Medhat. Medhat is in the wrong place at the right time and is accused of murder. Drew is now on a mission to find out what really happened to Fast Eddie and enlist the help of their free loading friend Julio. Will Drew solve the case in time to save Medhat?
Minus One is a murder mystery about three friends trying to stay out of trouble but can’t help but find it. The author does a wonderful job with description and character development that will capture the reader’s attention. This book was entertaining, suspenseful and I appreciated the knowledge of law. However, I was confused at times due to the changes in point-of-view. I look forward to read more of this authors work.  I recommend Minus One to others.
This PDF copy was provided by the author for review purposes.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Book Review: Imagined Love by Diamond Drake

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Imagined Love
Diamond Drake
Publication Date: August 31, 2012
4=Great Page Turner

Imagined Love by Diamond Drake is about a young girl trying to not follow in her mother’s footsteps. Willa is married to Miles and they have a daughter named Jade. Willa has learned that their home life is not suitable and decides to leave her husband. When she goes to her daughter’s school to pick her up Willa meets and becomes friends with Cicely. Cicely can relate to Willa’s struggles because she has been through a similar situation. While Willa and Cicely build their friendship so does their daughters. After while Willa decides to give her husband another chance until she finds out he has been keeping a secret that will change their lives forever.
Jade decides that when she is older that she will not endure painful relationships. Jade is in for a rude awaken when she moves to California with a friend. Even though Jade has tried her best to not follow in her mothers’ footsteps when it comes to relationships, time has proven that it has been hard for her to find true love. Jade knows that she can depend on her best friend, Katrina until she betrays Jade and things are never the same. Jade like her mother realizes that she has to take control of her life. Will she succeed? Will she find that one true love?
Imagined Love is about carrying the past into your future. The author does a wonderful job sharing characters that go through everyday problems. Readers will be able to relate to the different emotions and the struggles the main character endures through her journey of growing up. This was interesting and entertaining book to read that caught my attention with the first chapter. I recommend Imagined Love to others.
This PDF copy was provided by the author for review purposes.

The Beloved Daughter Book Tour with Alana Terry

About the Author:

Alana Terry is a homeschooling mother of three. “The Beloved Daughter” is her debut Christian novel and won second place in the Women of Faith writing contest. Alana is also the author of "A Boy Named Silas," the story of her son's complicated medical history and "What, No Sushi?" a children's chapter book about the Japanese-American internment.

Visit her website at www.alanaterry.com or connect with her on Twitter at www.twitter.com/aboynamedsilas.   

About the Book:

In a small North Korean village, a young girl struggles to survive. Catastrophic floods have ravaged her countryside. But it is her father’s faith, not the famine of North Hamyong Province, that most threatens Chung-Cha’s well-being.

Is Chung-Cha’s father right to be such a vocal believer? Or is he a fool to bring danger on the head of his only daughter?  

Chung-Cha is only a girl of twelve and is too young to answer such questions. Yet she is not too young to face a life of imprisonment and forced labor. Her crime? Being the daughter of a political dissident.

“The Beloved Daughter” follows Chung-Cha into one of the most notorious prison camps of the contemporary free world. Will Chung-Cha survive the horrors of Camp 22?

And if she does survive, will her faith remain intact?

“The Beloved Daughter” won second place in the 2012 Women of Faith Writing Contest.

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Book Review: The Wild Life by Stacy-Deanne

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The Wild Life
Publication Date: July 12, 2013
5=None Stop Page Turner
In this third installment of the Brianna Morris series, The Wild Life by Stacy-Deanne readers are re-introduced to Brianna Morris, a hard headed detective that can’t let anything go and loves danger. Brianna gets in over her head when she goes looking for reasons why she was attacked in her home. The clues lead Brianna to her father who happens to be involved with some questionable individuals. Brianna wants to help her father by going undercover and soon realizes that she has bitten off more than she can chew.
Milan Verla, head of the Cuban mafia wants Brianna’s father, George, out of the picture. He is just having a hard time finding him. When Milan meets Anna Hampton, he is memorized by her beautiful and she becomes a distraction. While spending time with her, Milan starts to second guess the future of his organization. When Anna’s true intentions are revealed, Milan learns a lot about those around him and will have to make hard decisions.
The Wild Life is about the lengths of which we go to help family. The author has done it again providing readers with a suspenseful thriller that will have them on the edge of their seat. The Brianna Morris series is one I would love to see on the big screen or on television. The quality of the plots and characters will viewers glued to the screen. I applaud this author for writing crime fiction that actually competes with my favorite crime writer, James Patterson. I look forward to reading more installments in this series and I definitely recommend The Wild Life to others.

This uncorrected PDF was provided by the author for review purposes.

Midshipman Henry Gallant in Space Book Blast


As the last star fighter in squadron 111, Midshipman Henry Gallant is on his way from Jupiter to Mars. With the United Planets’ fleet on the verge of annihilation, he can expect no help as he passes through the asteroid belt and threatening aliens. With so much uncertainty about the aliens’ capabilities and intentions, analyzing the captured computer equipment in Gallant’s possession could prove crucial.

The fate of Earth could rest on the abilities of Midshipman Henry Gallant. Unfortunately, it is his abilities that have been much in doubt during his tour of duty. In an era of genetic engineering, he is the only Natural (non-genetically enhanced) officer left in the fleet. His classmates and superior officers have all expressed their concern that he will not be up to the demands of the space service. Only bright and attractive junior officer Kelsey Mitchel has shown any sympathy for him. Now as his navigator on the last fighter in squadron 111, her life as well as a good many others, depends of Henry Gallant.

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As a scientist and author specializing in technology innovation, H. Peter Alesso has over twenty years research experience at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). As Engineering Group Leader at LLNL he led a team of computer scientists and engineers in innovative applications across a wide range of supercomputers, workstations and networks. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy with a B.S. and served in the U.S. Navy on nuclear submarines before completing an M.S. and an advanced Engineering Degree at M.I.T. He has published several software titles and numerous scientific journal and conference articles, and he is the author/co-author of six books.

His latest book is Midshipman Henry Gallant in Space.

Visit Peter’s website at www.hpeteralesso.com.

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A Voice in the Night Book Tour with Ernestine Dail

About the Author:

Ernestine Dail is a high school teacher and lives in Maryland. She has taught school for several years and enjoys the wonders and amazements she finds in being around children. The inspiration for writing her book comes from being surrounded with children and knowing their joys, likes, and dislikes. She is the author of two books—Dimples DoGood, and her latest, A Voice in the Night. She likes to read, write, travel and do crossword puzzles. 

You can visit Ernestine Dail’s website at http://bookstop.wix.com/children-books.

About the Book:

Brian, Josh, and Thomas arrived at Blackstone Cabin with great expectations of fishing and having fun. Now in the midst of a raging storm, and a hooded stranger frantically knocking at their door, the boys desperately wished for Josh’s father, Mr.Joplin, to return to the cabin. Will he return in time to save the boys from danger, or will the boys open the door to the frantic knocking of the hooded stranger outside.

Purchase your copy:


Book Excerpt:

Dark, rainy and ominous was the night. The mountain wind whistled ferociously through the trees and around the cabin shaking its rugged doors. Lightning cracked the sky and thunder rolled over the mountain peaks resounding in an echo of authority. Brian, sleeping on the sofa, suddenly sat up gasping as the torrential rain splashed and pounded against the cabin windows. Shaking and trembling, he sprang from the sofa, ran to check the windows and the doors to make sure they were locked. Gingerly moving about the room, he noticed that the fire in the fireplace smoldered as the cold, dark stillness in the room beckoned him to put more logs on the fire. Carefully, he moved about in the dark, thinking about his friends, Josh and Thomas, sleeping upstairs in the loft. He wished that they were awake so that he wouldn’t be up alone, but the eerie, foreboding silence upstairs reminded him that they were still asleep, unaware of the storm. Slowly, he found his way to the wood bin in the corner of the room and placed a few logs on the fire, hoping that they would last until morning. 

Standing by the fireplace, he remembered when he first met Thomas Templeton in school. He was tall and muscular, with cropped black hair and forlorn, hazel eyes. Being six feet tall, he hovered above others in the class. His appearance was always meticulous even though he didn’t wear the latest fashion. He rarely smiled and sometimes appeared to be very irate, but never mentioned what bothered him. Frequently, he turned his homework in late, if at all. While in class, he consistently made comments that were not relevant to the lesson. Quite often, he bullied his classmates, took lunch money from the younger children, and never had anything positive to say about anyone.

Interview with Charmaine Galloway

Charmaine was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. Writing has been her passion and a positive emotional outlet since middle school. As a teen, writing in her journal allowed her to escape the negativity of her world. Around that time she also began writing her first fiction novel. She finds joy in creating unique and awe inspiring story-lines for the characters in her stories. Ingenuity and imagination is a mainstay and compass in her work.  
Charmaine has a Bachelor of Arts in Family Life Education and an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education. Charmaine, being the wearer of many proverbial ‘hats’, is an independent self-publisher and the founder of Charming Gal Publications. She is the CEO and jewelry designer for Forever Divas Fashionable Jewelry, her online jewelry boutique and a Pre-Kindergarten Teacher.
Charmaine is currently working on new projects so keep a look out for her upcoming releases.

A&RBC: Thank you so much for this interview, Charmaine!  Can you tell us where you are from?
I was born and raised in Toledo Ohio
A&RBC: How did you come up with your title?
I came up with my title Girlfriends Secrets about ten years ago. I loved watching the sitcom Girlfriends; I enjoyed the actors and the roles they portrayed. One day as I was watching the show, I thought to myself that I could write a book about the trials and triumphs of three women lives and make it a reality- based story adapted to Christian fiction
A&RBC: They say you can judge a book by its cover.  Can you tell us a little about your cover and who designed it?
 The book cover was designed my Author Age Lavelle he is from my home town. I fall in love with this cover the first time he showed it to me. It really represents my characters in the book; black, beautiful and sexy women who lives are not perfect and they are keeping secrets from each other.
A&RBC: Can you tell us something about your book that would make me run out and buy it?
Alisha, Brittany and Tyra have been best friends since high school, sharing everything from clothes to their most intimate thoughts. But when the secrets they all kept pulled them farther and farther apart, the friendship that once meant so much to them took a backseat to pain, anguish and betrayal of the worst kind. Now the abused woman, the kept woman, and the holier than thou Christian are each on a dangerous path that promises to destroy life as they know it and ultimately take each one of them out in the process. 

A&RBC: Are there any messages in this book that you want the reader to know about?
·         God will keep you sane in your darkest hours if you seek Him.
·         Don’t take the people that you love and care about  for granted because you can lose them in a blink of eye
·         If you are being mentally, physically or emotional abused, get help as soon as possible
A&RBC: What was your most favorite chapter to write and why?
 The most favorite chapter I wrote was the last chapter. It was a very inspirational and daring chapter for all the characters.

A&RBC: Why did you feel you had to write this book?
This book is focused on real life situations that needs to be discussed in your community. I wrote this book to inspire others and to inform others that God will be your strength when you are weak if you have faith and believe in His word.
A&RBC: Now, some fun questions – What deep dark secret would you like to share with us?
 I am a very shy person.
A&RBC: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
 Africa because I would love to witness  the culture and the beautiful landmarks.
A&RBC: Are you a morning person or a night person?
 I am a night owl, I am up all times of the night thinking and writing.
A&RBC: Are there any members in your family who also like to write?
A&RBC: As a child, were you a dreamer?
 No. I can remember any of the dreams I had as a child.
A&RBC: Last but not least, the magic genie has granted you one wish.  What would that be?
To be able to take care of my family needs without working seven days a week.
A&RBC: Thank you so much for this interview! Do you have any final words?
 I would like to thank A&RBC for this interview. I would like to thank my readers for supporting me and giving my work a chance. I am just getting started, I have a lot more to come. Please visit me at www.charmainegalloway.com.

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Girlfriends. Secrets.  A novel.
Alisha, Brittany and Tyra have been best friends since high school, sharing everything from clothes to their most intimate thoughts. But when the secrets they all kept pulled them farther and farther apart, the friendship that once meant so much to them took a backseat to pain, anguish and betrayal of the worst kind.
Tyra Bell is a single mother, who has had her share of heartbreaks and disappointments from the pathetic men in her past relationships. While becoming accustomed to her walk as a Christian, Tyra’s faith is shaken to its core when she receives devastating news.
Brittany Parker is the epitome of a “kept” woman. This self-centered house wife of a successful medical doctor lives her life under the premise that life (hers at least) is too perfect to have a care in the world. That is until she runs across someone who shatters the life she once thought to be so perfect.
Alisha Wright is a struggling mother of two. She would go to any measure to stay in a relationship with her son’s father which results in putting both her and her children in harm’s way.
These three women are each on a dangerous path that promises to destroy life as they know it and ultimately take each one of them out in the process.