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FYI Friday: Did You Know?

Did You Know?

The Indy Author Fair
Sept 29, 2012
Central Library, 40 E. Clair Street
Indianapolis, IN

Everyone is invited to meet local authors, winners and finalist of the 2012 Eugene & Marilyn Glick Indiana Authors Award and attend workshops especially for authors, publishers and publicists.

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Book Review: Flawless

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Shana Burton
4 Stars

Lawson, Sullivan, Reginell, Kima, and Angela are women trying to overcome the obstacles in their lives. These ladies have a sisterhood that provides each other with advice, friendship and guidance. Reginell looks up to her big sister, Lawson, except when it comes to her current employer. Lawson feels she needs to protect her sister at all times. Lawson doesn’t realize that her sisterly love is starting to get out of control and has started causing problems within her marriage.
Kima has finally gotten away from her abusive husband but her loneliness is starting to take over. Kima soon turns to an unsuspected individual for companionship. Angela King seems to be stepping back into the past when it comes to her love life. In the course of her blast from the past, Angela meets the man of her dreams but only after she has promised herself to another man.
Lady Sullivan Webb is back to her old habits in her pursuit of keeping her marriage intact. In trying to please her husband, Sullivan’s plans back fires and she is stuck with the uncomfortable consequences.
Flawless is about friendship, family and knowing when to admit you are wrong, which is hard to do for these characters. This was a wonderful addition to the Flaws series. I enjoyed the drama and the twists and turns in this book. The characters were well-developed bringing excitement to each page. I recommend Flawless to others.
This book was provided by the author for review purposes
Teresa Beasley
A&RBC Reviews

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Flawless Virtual Book Tour with Shana Burton

About the Author
Shana Johnson Burton is a two-time Georgia of the Author of the Year nominee and is the author of Suddenly Single, First Comes Love, Flaws and All, Catt Chasin’, and Flaw Less. She lives in Georgia with her two sons. When she is not writing, she enjoys reading, dancing, and traveling. She is currently working on the third book in the “Flaws” series, Flawfully Wedded Wives.
Q & A with Shana Burton

A&RBC: How did you become a writer?
Shana: I don't think I "became" a writer. I didn't have any formal training; writing has always come naturally to me. I think it's just what God graced me to do in the womb, and I've been doing it ever since.

A&RBC: Where does your inspiration for your characters come from?
Shana: I get a lot of inspiration from my friends and family. Most of my books are based on real people and real situations. However, I do embellish them enough to protect the guilty.
A&RBC: What are you hoping readers take from your book?
Shana: I hope that readers realize how much God loves us, first and foremost. Despite how much we screw up or how much we might think we disappoint Him, God loves us-- flaws and all. I also want them to take away how important it is to forgive, both ourselves and others.

A&RBC: If you were to write a book about a controversial topic, what would it be?
Shana: That's a great question. I need to think about that one some more... I really don't have any controversial topics that I'm interested in that I've shied away from. I've already dealt with abortion, homosexuality, rape, infidelity, murder, domestic violence, and pornography addiction in my books.
A&RBC: Most writers have a process or method for writing their books, what is yours?
Shana: My process is mostly me sitting and staring. I literally have to sit and stare and have the whole story play out in my head before I write it. I see the characters and hear their voices. It's really like a movie. Once I do that, I can sit down and write the book.
A&RBC: What is your favorite genre of books?
Shana: Contemporary Romance. I'm a sucker for love!

A&RBC: Are you an avid or occasional reader?

Shana: Ironically, I was an avid reader until I became an author. I try not to read anything while I'm writing. For the past five years, I've done nothing but write, so my reading has fallen off some.

A&RBC: What are two things you want your readers to know about you?
Shana: 1) I'm an artist 2) I'm sensitive about my stuff ;-)

A&RBC: If you could interview one of your favorite authors, who would it be? Why?
Shana: I would like to interview Victoria Rowell. I did manage to read her first book, and I loved it. However, I really just want to ask her if she'll come back and be "Drucilla" on The Young and the Restless again.

A&RBC: What is or was your dream job?
Shana: My dream job would be to develop and write a television series.
A&RBC: What new projects are you working on?
Shana: I'm working on the third, and possibly last, book in the Flaws series, which will be Flawfully Wedded Wives. I say it's the last, but I've come to love these characters, so it might not be!
A&RBC: Where can readers find you?
Shana: If readers want to contact me directly, they can always email me at I'm also on Facebook under or Twitter It's best to look for me on Facebook. I'm always on there. It's my therapy!

About the Book

The ladies of Mount Zion Ministries are back, and “Flaw Less” picks up where all of the drama of “Flaws and All” left off! While the bonds of their friendship couldn’t be tighter, life around the ladies is slowly unraveling.
Newlywed Lawson Kerry Banks has the man she loves, Garrett, and the man she has a love-child with, Mark. When a new woman enters Mark’s life, Lawson’s jealousy not only threatens her walk with God but may cost her marriage as well. First Lady Sullivan Webb has struggled to get her life and her marriage back on track after her affair is exposed on the Internet. Doing the right thing proves to be harder than Sullivan expected when she finds herself led into temptation once again. Kina Battle thought her troubles were over once her abusive husband was dead and buried, but her troubles take on a new face when she finds herself drawn to the last person she ever thought she’d be attracted to. After years of heartbreak and disappointment, Angel King has finally met the man of her dreams. Unfortunately, she is engaged to someone else. When an injured soldier enters her life, Angel can’t help giving him all her attention and medical expertise, but will he capture her heart too?
The ladies have all overcome their share of obstacles, but nothing like the challenges facing them now. Friendship, love, and laughs won’t be enough this time. Only God can save them now.

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Book Spotlight: Precious Stones

About The Book

Owning the Stone-Chance Protection Agency has its perks. It's a profitable company that allows Ramsey and Keilah Stone to enjoy the finer things in life; however, it has also added an element of danger to their otherwise normal lifestyle.
When Keilah was a field agent, she was an excellent marksman, known for being fearless when it came to protecting her clients. Now that she has a baby daughter, she's lost that competitive edge and longs for a slower life. That might not be possible, though, when the return of a shady ex-lover brings chaos into Keilah's life.
At home, Ramsey is a warm and caring father and husband, but on the job, he finds it necessary to maintain his tough persona as an ex-Marine. When an unexpected tragedy darkens his doorstep, he finds himself in a cat-and-mouse game with a dangerous assailant. He will be forced to make some very difficult decisions in order to protect his family.
About The Author

Darrien Lee, a graduate of Tennessee State University, is a two-time Essence bestselling author with four published works with Strebor Books. She has been featured in several periodicals, including Romantic Times magazine and the Nashville Tennessean. She lives in LaVergne, Tennessee, with her husband and two daughters. 

 4.5 Stars Review for Precious Stones

Ramsey and Keilah Stone are a power couple running a successful protection agency in Precious Stones by Darrien Lee. Being business owners is not what it’s cracked up to be because the Stones have to deal with danger every day. Ramsey prides himself on being a good husband and father. Ramsey will do anything to protect his family. When an unsuspected tragedy occurs, Ramsey finds himself on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.
Keilah believes in protecting her family and her clients so her field experience as an expert shooter is no surprise. Since becoming a mother, Keilah is ready to settle down and retire. When a blast from her past returns all hell breaks loose and Keilah might have to put retiring on the back burner.

Precious Stones is about protecting the ones you love. The main characters strength and faith are put to the test in this suspenseful book. The twists and turns are unsuspected and entertaining. Readers will be anticipating the characters next moves. I recommend Precious Stones to others.
Teresa Beasley
A&RBC Reviews

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Book Review: My Sister My Momma My Wife

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My Sister My Momma My Wife
Shelia E. Lipsey
4 Stars

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The Graham’s are back again in the fourth installment of the “My Son’s Wife” series by Shelia E. Lipsey. In My Sister My Momma My Wife, Stiles is enjoying being a father but struggling with being a husband. Stiles is still carrying feelings for his ex-wife that is hindering his current marriage.  While doing a favor for his father, Stiles discovers a secret his family swept under the rug and a new side of Stiles erupts.
Detria Graham is getting use to being a mother. What Detria is not getting use to is being in the shadow of her husband’s ex-wife Rena. Detria is trying her best to deal with the changes in her husband and their marriage but a woman can only take so much. Detria is fighting with the decision of staying in her marriage or being happy without it. Unbeknownst to Stiles, Mrs. Graham has something up her sleeve, will she put it to use or keep it hidden?

My Sister My Momma My Wife is about family secrets and forgiveness. The characters take deceit and betrayal to another level. As always, the author provides a well-developed book of entertainment and drama. I enjoy this series and look forward to reading more from this author. I recommend this book to others.
This book was provided by the author for review purposes.

Teresa Beasley
A&RBC Review

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Book Spotlight/Author Interview: My Sister My Momma My Wife by Shelia E. Lipsey

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About The Book

In My Sister, My Momma, My Wife, Pastor Stiles Graham is moving on up in the ministry. The membership at Holy Rock has grown tremendously, and Stiles discovers that with more sheep, the duties of the shepherd become more intense, and the hours are even longer.

Stiles is also the proud father of a little girl by his wife, Detria. To provide the lifestyle he desires for his daughter, Stiles continues his teaching role, but at a new college, LeMoyne Owen, where he accepts the position of adjunct professor of African American Studies. Time away from home, means Detria is spending time alone. There’s a saying, “When the cats away, the mice will play.”

Although he loves his role as daddy, Stile doesn’t act so happy when it comes to his role as husband. His mind continues to torment him with thoughts about his ex-wife, Rena. But Rena seems to have moved on with her life in Andover, Massachusetts with none other than teacher and coach Robert Becton. Has she finally let go of her past and fully stepped into a new and promising future?

Stiles is further stunned beyond belief when he uncovers secrets that have been hidden  away about the Graham family. During his quest to forget those things that lie behind, Stiles is hit with an unbelievable bombshell when he accidentally discovers startling revelations and truths about both his parents, his sister, Francesca (Frankie) and his new wife, Detria.

What does this man of God do when it seems that the enemy is pulling out all stops to destroy everything that he has believed in, including God’s mercy and grace?

Q & A with Shelia E.  Lipsey

A&RBC: What is your favorite genre of books?
Shelia: I like Christian fiction and general fiction novels.

A&RBC: Are you an avid or occasional reader?
Shelia: I would classify myself as an occasional reader now that I write full time. I love to read, and I do read every chance I get, but it is more difficult to spend the hours I used to spend reading because I concentrate on writing.

A&RBC: If you could interview one of your favorite authors, who would it be? Why? 
Shelia: Jay California Cooper. I love her style of writing and she has been in the literary industry a long long time. I have never had the privilege of meeting her, but she has been a literary idol of mine since I first picked up one of her books and read it. I want to pick her brain and listen to her words of literary wisdom.

A&RBC: If you could make a movie out of one of your books, which one would it be?
Shelia: Into Each Life. Into Each Life is one of my all time favorite books. I can 'see' it on the big screen. 

A&RBC:  What new projects are you working on? Shelia: My latest book project is What's Blood Got To Do With It? It is scheduled for release October 31, 2012. I am also working on a young adult book and a short story.

A&RBC: Where can readers find you?
Shelia: Readers can find me everywhere! My website is Facebook: Twitter 
My books can be purchased online, downloaded to your favorite ereader, purchased from my website and also at bookstores.

Win A Copy of Shelia E. Lipsey New Title
Want a chance to win a FREE copy of My Sister My Momma My Wife! Answer the following three questions by leaving your answers in the comment section.

1. What is Shelia E. Lipsey favorite genre of books?

2. Which book would Shelia like to make into a movie?

3. What is Pastor Graham's sister, mother, and wife's first names?

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FYI Friday: Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Authors & Readers Book Corner is available for reviews. Let us review and provide you with honest feedback to help promote, encourage and lift up your book to avid or occasional readers. We would love to be a part of your marketing and promotional team. Take a look at our easy to follow guidelines.

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Hanging On Virtual Tour with Elizabeth Chalker

About The Author
Elizabeth Chalker is still in the furnace of life’s' calamities and fighting the good fight of faith and endurance, keeping her eyes on the prize of heaven. Before serious, physical illness devastated her body, Elizabeth was on the fast track as a successful psychologist and addictions specialist, working with violent juvenile offenders and their families, near completion of her third graduate degree. Her life is a testimony of faith that is steadfast and remains no matter the seemingly dark, unjust, and treacherous circumstances of life. She resides in Lighthouse Point, Florida. Elizabeth continues to minister to those in need and aspires to show God's glory through every breath she takes.
This is a real life story of being in the fire, where I currently remain, where my heart for the Lord has become increasingly insatiable. A deepened intimacy has developed and continues to grow even through this very moment, and will continue beyond. As you read, this is my hope and prayer for you as well.

Author Interview

Q: What motivated you to begin writing?
A: I began writing as a catharsis to everyday life. Also, as an avenue to share raw insights, emotion, and to inspire and encourage others.
Q: What is your favorite genre to write? Why?
A: My favorite genre to write is non-fiction. I believe there is more than enough to share about real life, our raw human expressions and dealings, events that happen in life, ponderings of our hearts and minds, to fill volumes without the necessity of fantasy. Our authentic lives hold many and continuous unfolding stories that we each want to share, and that we desire to have heard. When we share from an altruistic place, we make ourselves more vulnerable and hence, relatable to others. Such is an opportunity to connect with each other and share in all of the stories life affords.
My personal favorite subject in non-fiction is of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. He is my compass in life and my core. From this place, I exist and all of life is staged upon this foundation.
Fiction has its place of course; I personally have the drive to write non-fiction.
Q: How have other jobs and life experiences influenced your writing?
A: Other jobs and life experiences have largely influenced my writing. Currently, I am in the challenge of a life-time in enduring and persevering through serious physical illness that has no cure in the natural and is potentially fatal, yet causes a very slow, agonizing death rather than a relatively quick demise.
Before becoming debilitated to the point of being mostly bed-ridden, I worked as a Psychologist in the fields of Forensic and Sports psychology. My work was with violent juvenile offenders and their families. Additionally, I worked with athletes helping them hone their skills and on and off the playing fields. [I helped] them to raise their confidence and play whatever sport it was, with passion rather than intensity, a life skill as well.
Working in both arenas afforded me the opportunity to see diverse aspects of society and opened my eyes to the deep need we all have to be loved, to be understood, to be cared about. No matter the population, whether gifted athletes or youth who lived in battlefields and committed violent crimes as a means to survive…the core need of each is the same.
Nevertheless, writing with different lenses; the lenses of talented athletes or that of sitting in a court room testifying on behalf of a teenager who has never known the love of another human… inspiration and self-analysis presents in profoundly deep measure.
Having serious physical disease with no cure, no answers and no means to receive necessary medical treatment, has deepened my relationship with God and the intimacy in relationship. Such has poured out and into my other relationships and given me a deeper compassion for individuals. Living with these diseases, where I am not able to simply think them away or ‘push through’ as if they did not exist, has truly humbled me and deepened my character as a person, all of which is reflected in my writing and influences the perspective I have on the world around me.
Q: What is the aim of Hanging On by the Scratch Marks My Nails Left Behind (Raw Faith)?
A: I have several aims of my book. One is to inspire individuals to self-examine and find their core; to realize that we are all children of God and therefore, one in Him. We tend to see as if from under a quilt as it is being made, where all that is seen is a bunch of haphazard threads from our view. God’s view is from above where everything comes together and forms a beautiful and complete picture. Another aim is to encourage individuals to seek love and extend love.
One of the most important aims of the book is to strengthen anyone who reads it, to cause him/her to embrace all of who he/she is, the parts we deem ‘dark’ and unacceptable as well as the parts we see as praiseworthy and pleasant.
Most importantly, my hope is that the reader will embrace intimacy with God and realize that raw expression of heart, no matter how unacceptable to the world, is honorable in the eyes of God and welcomed.
We live in a world where appearances are most important and true character; integrity, honesty, ethics, service…are balked at and mocked in exchange for superficial ‘wealth’ that only breeds hate and egocentricity. I pray that the God inspired messages in my book will lend ‘permission’ to the readers to step up within themselves and fully own all of who they are and share such with others, while also serving as a soft cushion for others to share.
Q: What was your experience like with your publisher?
A: I had a wonderful experience with my publisher. [They were] very helpful, patient, generous, humble, with expertise and leadership for guidance.
Q: Where do you look for inspiration when you are struggling?
A: Mainly I look to God. I see Him everywhere; through nature, other people, and the trials/triumphs of life.
 Q: What are some activities that you are involved in aside from writing?
A: Currently I am fighting for my life and doing all I can to promote my book in order to have some income for life-saving medical treatment. Due to severe limitations from physical illness, I am not able to participate in much of life. Nevertheless, I do all I can and push to do more. Encouraging others and giving to my loved ones in all the ways I am able…sharing my relationship with Christ wherever I can…to God be the glory.

About the Book
Foreword by Pastor Charles Carrin and Dr. Corey Cameron
You—one person—an individual, can literally change this whole world with love. By focusing on love, making a choice to love, feeding all that is positive, good, and of the light with exuberance and abundance instead of feeding the negative and evil things of the darkness. You can literally change the world and yourself. One relationship--one interaction--one decision at a time.

If you are experiencing the dark night of the soul in affliction year after year, it will present you, as it has me, with opportunities not found in most other life circumstances.

This is a life story of being in the fire, where I currently remain, where my heart for the Lord has become increasingly insatiable. A deepened intimacy has developed and continues to grow even through this very moment, and will continue beyond. As you read, this is my hope and prayer for you as well.
Book detail:
ISBN-13: 9781612151205
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication date: 10/26/2010
Pages: 470

Author Links:
Book Website:

Book Trailer:
Connect with Elizabeth: (this is a link to Public Health Alert medical paper, the issue has some of my story, photos, and a letter to President Obama). I am happy to send a hard copy of this issue too? 
For Book Ordering:

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Book Spotlight/Review: Young-Minded Hustler

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About The Book
The determination Shy McGee has to protect her family mirrors that of a mama bear protecting her cubs. When the police kill her husband, Melvin, in the presence of their young son, Shy becomes a single mother trying to raise boys to men. At seventeen, Prince is young, angry and focused on claiming his birthright and reign as king of the hustle on the streets of Youngstown, Ohio. Shy has his back.
Cherise and Shy are best friends. The only life lesson Cherise has taught her son Raequan is how to run hustles to get what he wants out of life. Cherise and Raequan grow tired of watching the McGee family prosper while they remain at a standstill.
When Prince and his identical twin brother Jayden come under gunfire and the wrong brother takes the hit, Shy fights to find out who the mastermind behind the incident was. When Shy learns of the deceit perpetrated on her twins, it will be discovered just how far Shy is willing to go to protect her Young Minded Hustler in training.


4 Stars for Young-Minded Hustler by Tysha

In Young-Minded Hustler by Tysha, Shy McGee is a single-mother trying to raise her twin sons into men. After Shy’s husband was murdered she starts to see a change in her children especially, Prince. Shy is a protective mother that will do anything for her children. When Shy’s sons are attacked, Shy decides to go on a war path to find out who should be held responsible.
Cherise, Shy’s best friend has slowly watched her friend and two sons stay one step ahead. Cherise is fed up and lets her jealously take over.  Cherise and her son, Raequan are ready to get their come up no matter who they hurt in the process. Cherise soon learns that you can’t trust everyone especially when her plans start to backfire and those closest to her reveal their true selves.
Young-Minded Hustler is about keeping your enemies close. The main characters need to learn the true meaning of being a friend. It is funny how people do not believe in karma. I can say by the time readers arrive at the end of this book they will surely know that karma comes back around and what you do in the dark always comes to the light. I recommend Young-Minded Hustler to others.
Teresa Beasley
A&RBC Reviews

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Book Review: Unresolved Issues

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Unresolved Issues
Wanda B. Campbell
4 Stars

Stacelyn Garrison believes she has everything, a wonderful home and loving husband. When Stacelyn husband starts acting strange and abruptly leaves, Stacelyn is left to face a harsh reality. Did Stacelyn really know the man she married? Stacelyn soon realizes that confusion has entered her marriage and she may need to look in the mirror and acknowledge her part.

Derrick Garrison is a well-known dentist and husband. Derrick has past issues that have are starting to resurface and are becoming harder to ignore. Derrick is aware that communication is not one of his strong points especially when it comes to his wife. When Derrick abruptly leaves his home to work on himself he never expected someone to be waiting to take his place.

Unresolved Issues is about communication, forgiveness and understanding. A marriage is a full time job that requires each person to communicate and trust the other. The author does a wonderful job at expressing the emotions each character was feeling. It was hard to take sides because I could relate to both of these characters and the issues they were dealing with. This was an entertaining book with a powerful message. I recommend Unresolved Issues to married and engaged couples as well as those in a committed relationship.

This book was provided by the author for review purposes.

Teresa Beasley
A&RBC Reviews