Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Book Spotlight/Review: Young-Minded Hustler

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About The Book
The determination Shy McGee has to protect her family mirrors that of a mama bear protecting her cubs. When the police kill her husband, Melvin, in the presence of their young son, Shy becomes a single mother trying to raise boys to men. At seventeen, Prince is young, angry and focused on claiming his birthright and reign as king of the hustle on the streets of Youngstown, Ohio. Shy has his back.
Cherise and Shy are best friends. The only life lesson Cherise has taught her son Raequan is how to run hustles to get what he wants out of life. Cherise and Raequan grow tired of watching the McGee family prosper while they remain at a standstill.
When Prince and his identical twin brother Jayden come under gunfire and the wrong brother takes the hit, Shy fights to find out who the mastermind behind the incident was. When Shy learns of the deceit perpetrated on her twins, it will be discovered just how far Shy is willing to go to protect her Young Minded Hustler in training.


4 Stars for Young-Minded Hustler by Tysha

In Young-Minded Hustler by Tysha, Shy McGee is a single-mother trying to raise her twin sons into men. After Shy’s husband was murdered she starts to see a change in her children especially, Prince. Shy is a protective mother that will do anything for her children. When Shy’s sons are attacked, Shy decides to go on a war path to find out who should be held responsible.
Cherise, Shy’s best friend has slowly watched her friend and two sons stay one step ahead. Cherise is fed up and lets her jealously take over.  Cherise and her son, Raequan are ready to get their come up no matter who they hurt in the process. Cherise soon learns that you can’t trust everyone especially when her plans start to backfire and those closest to her reveal their true selves.
Young-Minded Hustler is about keeping your enemies close. The main characters need to learn the true meaning of being a friend. It is funny how people do not believe in karma. I can say by the time readers arrive at the end of this book they will surely know that karma comes back around and what you do in the dark always comes to the light. I recommend Young-Minded Hustler to others.
Teresa Beasley
A&RBC Reviews

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