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Oddities and Entities Book Tour with Roland Allnach

About The Author

Roland Allnach has been writing since his teens, but did not actively seek publication until 2007.  Since then ten of his stories have been published, one of which was a 2010 Pushcart Prize nominee.  Remnant, his first book, was published in 2010, and a second anthology, Oddities & Entities, was published in March 2012. Visit the author at

 About The Book
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Oddities & Entities is an anthology of six tales within the supernatural/ paranormal/horror genres, exploring a definition of life beyond the fragile vessel of the human body.  The stories are: 'Boneview', in which a young woman struggles to balance her ability to see through people with the presence of a supernatural creature in her life; 'Shift/Change', in which a hospital worker struggles to regain his memory as he is confronted by a series of desperate people; 'My Other Me', in which a lonely college student finds himself displaced from his body by his alter ego; 'Gray', in which a frustrated man is stunned to discover a little creature has been living in his head; 'Elmer Phelps', in which a brother and sister find themselves linked in a strange reality by a bat bite in their youth; and lastly, 'Appendage', in which a cynical mercenary is hired by his son to protect a research lab on the verge of stunning discovery.

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Talk About It Thursdays

It's time for
 Talk About It Thursday

Strong Conference
March 29-30, 2013
Loews Atlanta Hotel
1065 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30309

It is wonderful when women come together to help each other. I applaud these featured ladies for take the time to share their knowledge to those who are willing to listen and learn. Are you one of them? Register today at 

Kingdom Prinicples Book Tour with Stewart Perrilliat

About The Author

Minister.  Father.  Servant.  Evangelist.  Author.  Stewart Bernard Perrilliat is a gifted individual who has a passion to see broken lives restored and renewed through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  A native of Oakland, California, Stewart grew up in a community that was plagued with a number of challenging institutional socio-economic ills.  Nevertheless, Stewart escaped the lures of the streets and became a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corp before becoming the Founder and CEO of Perrilliat Enterprises, a general contracting and engineering firm based in Northern California. 

Stewart began his ministry call as a Street Evangelist in 1995, and since that time he has been used by the Lord to win countless souls into the Kingdom of God.  He attributes his success as a Street Evangelist to his ability to present the gospel in a manner that meets people at the place of their need.  His call has become the central focus of his life and ministry.  Though Stewart is a gifted entrepreneur, he is first and foremost a service-driven person who is passionate about seeing people live their life now through having a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Stewart’s teaching gift empowers people to apply Biblical principles to improve and enhance their lives.  His approach is known for being encouraging, practical, and inspirational.  He is also known for motivating others to reach their highest potential. 

Q & A with Stewart Perrilliat

A&RBC: How did you become a writer?
Stewart: I have always had the gift to express myself through writing. My mother is an English major and also a professional writer, and therefore I believe that it has always been in me to write.

A&RBC: What are you hoping readers take from your book?
Stewart: What I hope readers take from my book, is to establish a greater and deeper relationship with God, and to develop a more personal relationship with Jesus Christ, by spending more time with him each and everyday, through prayer and mediation.

A&RBC: If you were to write a book about a controversial topic, what would it be?
Stewart: “There Is A God”

A&RBC: Are you an avid or occasional reader? If so, what is your favorite genre of books?
Stewart: My favorite genre is fantasy I like the “Lord of the rings” by J.R.R. TOLKIEN

A&RBC: If you could interview one of your favorite authors, who would it be? Why?
Stewart: If I could interview one of my favorite authors, It would be Miles Monroe, and the reason why is because he has so much wisdom and revelation, when it pertains to the Kingdom Of God.

A&RBC: If you could make a movie out of one of your books, which one would it be?
Stewart: It will be on a book that I am presently working on. “The Fall Of The Mighty”

A&RBC: Which marketing/promotions or publicity strategy has worked best in your favor?
Stewart: The best publicity strategy that has worked best in my favor is the word of mouth.

A&RBC: Which do you like better traditional or self-publishing? Why?
Stewart: I personally like self-publishing rather than the traditional publishing, because I don’t want to compromise what I want to say. I personally think that for me self-publishing makes my life simple in more ways than one.

A&RBC: What new projects are you working on?
Stewart: I am currently working on writing a motion movie and six other daily devotionals.

A&RBC: Where can readers find you?
Stewart: Connect with me at:

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About The Book

The book is a 40 day devotional. It's a great book for men and women. This book is designed to help those who are struggling with a consistent prayer life. It's easy to read and very fruitful.

 Significance of The Number 40
Stewart Perrilliat

Over the years, I have come to understand the significance of the number 40. Scientifically speaking, 40 weeks is the length of time it takes for a mother to carry an unborn child from conception to delivery. Biblically speaking, 40 is the number associated with a period of testing before a breakthrough.

The number 40 is an indication that God is ready to birth something new out of pain or challenge. According to the Bible, Noah was in the rain for 40 days and nights before God brought a refreshing promise for His people.

When the Children of Israel were ready to cross over into their promise, the spies who preceded them took 40 days to scout out the land. However, because of disobedience, their 40 days turned into 40 years before they entered into the land of promise.
Goliath, who was killed by David, challenged the Children of Israel for 40 days prior to their victory over the Philistine army.

Before He began His ministry, Jesus, while being tempted by satan, fasted for 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness.

I have experienced my own personal 40 days of trials and tribulations. However, because I did not lose my confidence in God, I was able to realize the significance of the number 40 and receive God’s blessings for me after my test. These truths concerning the number 40 inspired me to write this devotional.

In modern times, 30 days is used to complete various programs or to create a new habit. At the beginning of the year, Magazine cover stories often read, Thirty Days to a New You. For the purpose of this devotional the true number for the manifestation of a renewed life is the number 40.

Therefore, this devotional will afford you an opportunity to develop a more intimate relationship with the Lord and transform your life. As you read this devotional, it will give you hope and renew your strength. On those days when doubt and disbelief abound, I encourage you to remain consistent with your 40 day cycle of reading Kingdom Principles for Everyday Living: 40 Practical Principals for a Fruitful Life.
I challenge you to apply yourself and expect a breakthrough by the time you have complete this devotional. I encourage you to not only read through the devotions in this book, but to read the related scriptures and commit them to memory. This process will increase your knowledge of God, and strengthen your faith towards Him.

God’s will for us is to increase in every area of our lives by being doers of His Word. I pray that this devotional draw you closer to God and give you the incredible power to break into your promise.

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Book Spotlight: Gift of Faith

About The Book
Reverend Clint is a man of strong faith, but when an unimaginable tragedy strikes his family, he is suddenly questioning all of his beliefs. His mentor, Reverend Smart, and the members of his church rally around him, but the pain of Reverend Clint's loss is almost too much to bear.

Seeking to take Reverend Clint's mind off his troubles, Reverend Smart assigns him a group of church members in need of guidance and wisdom. A sense of spiritual renewal and redemption helps the grief-stricken minister and his band of anguished souls to survive through a period of crisis and challenges. But will his faith be enough to help Reverend Clint endure the most terrible pain of all?

In his engaging new novel, Robert Fleming reminds readers that even a man of God can falter in his faith sometimes.

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Book Review: Lost Ones

Lost Ones
Publication Date: July 10, 2012
3 Stars= Fair Page Turner

In Lost Ones by Zenobia readers are introduced to the Reid family, a family with secrets and bad habits. Katherine Reid has been putting up with her husband, Dexter’s infidelity for far too long. When Katherine learns of another one of his hidden secrets, she realizes it is time for her to starting thinking about herself and she knows just what to do. Dexter Reid knows he has dealt his wife an awful hand and Katherine deserves the truth. Dexter is just not sure if his wife will be able to handle the truth. I guess there is only one way to find out.
Dexter and Katherine’s daughters, Sasha and Taylor, are moving onto the college life. These twin sisters are like night and day. Taylor is pursuing a career in the medical field while maintaining her good girl status with her father. Taylor is not all that innocent and is easily persuaded. Sasha on the other hand, is the naughty twin who convinces her parents to send her to fashion school in New York. Sasha believes she is going to take the big apple by storm but is in for a big surprise. When Sasha starts looking for love, will she find it in the right place? Sasha’s track record is not looking so good. Will Sasha be able to change her ways?
Lost Ones is about a dysfunctional family. This book had drama, secrets and backstabbing that will keep readers attention. However, there were too many points of view, which made the transitions in the story confusing. I also felt some of the subplots could stand alone. Don’t get me wrong the characters were interesting and readers will be able to relate to them. I just wanted the story to focus more on Dexter, Katherine and their children. I would have liked to see Katherine’s sisters have their own book. I do recommend Lost Ones to others.
This book was provided by the author for review purposes.

New Book Release

Delphine Publications Teens releases 'Black Angel'
March 26, 2013

About The Book

Solomon Night is an average high school kid with a life shrouded in mystery. With his abusive step father at home and bullies at school his life is far from easy, All this changes in one night, when Solomon is hit by a car on the streets of New York on his way home. In death, Solomon is finally able to find peace. His eternal rest is cut short by a mysterious apparition offering him the power to protect those he loves and even more, a second chance at life. The deal sounds too sweet to pass up, and Solomon signs the contract that binds him to this mysterious being in more ways than he knows. He becomes the Black Angel and gains an assortment of new amazing abilities. Solomon soon discovers the price of his mistake and finds out the hard way that power is the ultimate sorrow and that every bargain has its price. Now, it s a race to save the ones he loves; or will his dance with the devil be the death of them all?

From the Author

Stone says he wants people that read his books to take away the fact that life is a challenge that needs to be endured.  "Life is not always going to be easy. If you're going through hell, keep going through it," he says.

Book Review: Miss Scandalous

Miss Scandalous
Nicole Dunlap
Publication Date: March 1, 2013
4 Stars=Great Page Turner

In this new installment in the Shaw series, Miss Scandalous by Nicole Dunlap, readers are re-introduced to Raven Shaw, now a single-mother trying to forget her past. Raven has been through a lot especially finding out the man she loved was her half-brother, Jon. Who can get over that news? Raven moves to Dallas to start over and is doing well until she finds out that Jon Dubois is currently living in the same city. Raven believes she has gotten over losing Jon and the love she never received from her mother. When everything starts taking its toll on Raven, she can only see revenge and decides she will get it by any means necessary.
Jon Dubois still loves his half-sister, Raven and moving away has done nothing but make him want her more. When he finds out Raven kept the child they conceived he wants to be a part of their lives rather Raven accepts him or not. As time goes by Jon’s grandmother pays him a visit, which provides information that will change Raven and Jon’s life. Will she accept the news he has to share?
Charlene has tried everything to make up with her daughter, Raven. Charlene wants a relationship with her eldest daughter but Raven still keeps her at a distance. Raven wants Charlene to feel the pain she has felt all her life and what better place to hit her mother where it hurts then at her wedding. Charlene realizes that her past indiscretions have come back to bite her and even so she is determined to not give up on acquiring Raven’s love.
Miss Scandalous is about family, secrets and revenge. The main character allows her anger and need for revenge to take over, which hinders the love that everyone around tries to give. The author does a wonderful job allowing readers to see the progression in Raven’s behavior. She is not the innocent girl from Miss Nobody, but now a mischievous adult wanting revenge in Miss Scandalous. I appreciated the drama, the emotional rollercoaster and the acts of revenge that made the story come to life. I recommend this book to others.
This book was provided by the author for review purposes.

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Interview with DJ Cole & RD Davis

DJ Cole

A&RBC: How did you become a writer?
RD Davis-I knew when I was younger I had stories I wanted to tell, but I was unsure how to. One night I was hanging with DJ Cole and another friend and the events of the night seemed like a movie. I went home and what was in my head, I put into a story. The next day I told DJ Cole about it and she added more spice to it. We combined our ideas and visions and the rest is history. 
DJ Cole- Well for me, I wrote small stories and poetry growing up. I used writing as an outlet for my real life. As I got older I read Omar Tyree’s Fly Girl and was hooked on urban fiction. I then read all of Zane’s books, Noire, Vickie Stringer, and Nikki Turner.  I was hooked on reading. So when RD said she wanted to write I was not only supportive, I had to join in.

A&RBC: What are you hoping readers take from your book?
DJ & RD: This book is about friendship, loyalty and trust. Our also story shows how easily life can take a turn for the worse.  We want to take our readers on a trip into a different life and allow the reader to walk in the character’s shoes. The story we tell may be different, but the message is the same. Even the best of friends can fall out, how you handle the issues makes the difference as to how far it can go wrong. Relationships are unique and loyalties should be trusted.
A&RBC: If you were to write a book about a controversial topic, what would it be?
DJ: If RD and I were to write a book on a controversial topic it would be Bisexual or gay relationships. It’s 2013 and men and women are in bisexual, gay and lesbian relationships. However, there are still some people who are appalled and distraught about same sex relationships.

A&RBC: Are you an avid or occasional reader? If so, what is your favorite genre of books?
RD Davis- DJ is the avid reader between us. She reads all the time and everything. I am an occasional reader. I do love Terry McMillian and Zane. I just started reading Pimp by Iceberg Slim and Desperate Hoodwives by Meesha Mink.  
RD Davis
DJ Cole- I do read all the time, but urban fiction is my favorite. I also love erotic tales.  There’s nothing like reading a book and each page forces you to the next page because you have to know what’s happening next. I prefer urban fiction because it reminds me a lot of where I’m from. So I can relate to some of the issues. Some friends and family may
have gone through similar things. Now Erotic tales is just me being into sex.  As a Sagittarius I love learning about sex and sharing what I know to enhance my sexual relationship. Sex Therapist may be in my future. Lol

A&RBC: If you could interview one of your favorite authors, who would it be? Why?
RD Davis - I would interview Zane. I want to know the real inspiration behind all those steamy stories.
DJ Cole – I would interview Ashley & JaQuavis. Their books are excellent. I love the way two different people mold together their ideas and create perfect drama heat and passion.   

A&RBC: If you could make a movie out of one of your books, which one would it be?
DJ & RD: Currently we have only written one book, but Games, Lies & Deceit would be perfect for a movie. The characters come to life. Page after page you can actually see everything happening.

A&RBC: Which marketing/promotions or publicity strategy has worked best in your favor?
DJ & RD: Word of mouth and flyers seem to be strong for us now.  We are looking into other promotional strategies. This is our first book so we’re still learning the ropes.

A&RBC: Which do you like better traditional or self-publishing? Why?
DJ & RD: We like self-publishing because we have more control over what we put out. We’re not bound to someone else’s ideas as to what we can or cannot say. The downside is that it falls on us if something goes wrong. But it’s a good thing, learning all the aspects of publishing. This keeps us on our toes and learning more daily about the business.
A&RBC: What new projects are you working on?
DJ & RD: We are working on a book called Shadows in the Dark. It’s about a woman who had a one nightstand and the guy begins to stalk her. Because it was a one night stand she can’t tell anyone what is going on. On top of that the other character’s past begins to catch up with them and everyone’s skeletons start to fall out of the closets. 
A&RBC: Where can readers find you?
DJ & RD: We are on Facebook, twitter, Linked, MySpace and pintrest. We also have a blog called DJ’s Views. We will be at a book festival in Carrollton, GA on April 13 and the New York Book festival in June.  www.facebook/Divapublishing.

About The Book

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Melissa Robinson is the reason Desiree’, Leza and Samantha began a friendship. Melissa dated Samantha’s dad, and when she watched Desiree’, she took her niece Leza. This began the bond of a lifetime. Melissa reunited the girls, this time with a funeral.

Desiree’ Baldwin is absolutely gorgeous. Her husband David Baldwin is handsome and a very successful executive vice president at National City bank. David is very abusive physically and emotionally. The only thing he does right is providing financially. Poor Desiree’ is very naïve and puts up with her husband’s behavior.

Leza Robinson is a single mom and the owner of The Bed & Breakfast Inn, in New Wilmington, PA. When Leza was a young girl, Adrian (Leza’s mom) hardly took care of her, so Melissa stepped in. Adrian ran the streets so Leza had plenty time to run wild. Adrian was missing in action until the day of Melissa’s funeral.

Leza met Victor Langston who was a big drug dealer. He took Leza in and started taking care of her. Leza became Victor’s main girl and drug runner. Things went bad when Victor started using drugs. He became abusive and out of control. He started raping and beating Leza. On her last drug run, she ran away and stole 200,000 dollars.  After leaving, she found out she was pregnant with Alana.

Samantha Rose is a true product of her environment. Unlike Desiree’ and Leza, she had no role model. Once Melissa left her life, there was nothing positive to look forward to. Samantha’s dad was a pimp and a drug user. Sam lost her Mom to drugs when she was just a little girl. When Samantha turned sixteen she went into the family business. From that point on Sam turned into her dad minus the drug problem. She looked at life with the attitude of either kill or be killed. Sam was mad respected throughout Youngstown, OH. She ran a modeling agency that doubled as an escort service to every hood figure in the city.  Sam was a hood chick to the fullest and everyone in the Yo knew it.  She is well connected and could handle any situation that came her way. At least that is what she thought until drama begins to unfold among her friends. 

Desiree’ and David get into a fight and the next day Desiree’ goes to get some clothes from home. She was rudely surprised when she catches David and the woman she was told was his cousin (Roslyn) in her bed together. Desiree’ calls Leza and Sam over and all of them continued to argue until David is shot and dies. Sam takes care of the cleanup and didn’t report the murder. Desiree started popping pills to cope with David‘s death. Sam goes to take care of her business with her best homie Lamar at the party. The police show up at the party and arrest Sam for Suspicion of Prostitution. Sam is paranoid that Desiree’ is snitching and decides to kill her.

To everyone’s surprise Victor is one of Lamar’s runners. Victor makes a move on Desiree’ when he shows up at Leza’s home unannounced. Lamar is angry with Victor for taking an advantage of Sam’s girl and he secretly wants her for himself, plus Victor had disrespected him. Sam and Lamar set Victor up for David’s murder and uses Roslyn to do so.

Sam and Leza have a shoot-out and Desiree’ and Sam both get shot. Leza gets arrested and thinks that both her friends are dead. Her mom shows up at the jail and surprises her with the news that both women survived. In the end Victor goes down for murder and rape.     

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Get You Good Book Tour with Rhonda Bowen

About the Author
Rhonda Bowen is a writer and event planner living in Toronto. She enjoys spending time with her family, trying on shoes she can’t afford, and enjoying life’s unexpected twists and turns. You can reach her by dropping a note in the comment box below or emailing her directly at
Q & A with Rhonda Bowen
How did you become a writer?
I was a big reader growing up, but I only started writing during high school. I did it mostly for fun and it was mainly stories I would write with my friends that would never get finished. But I think that was a good starting point for me. I only attempted my first full length novel early in my twenties. It took a lot of work but I was more proud of finishing it than anything else.

What are you hoping readers take from your book?
My mother used to say that the things we dislike in others are often the things we dislike in ourselves. However in many cases we may not even realize that we have those traits in the first place. In Get You Good we see this happening with Sydney our main character. Her issues with her sister-in-law really stem from how similar they are, even though she cannot see it herself. I hope readers will realize the importance of personal self examination. We need to be willing to look at the dark things in ourselves and acknowledge the flaws we have. In return this will probably help us be more compassionate with others.
If you were to write a book about a controversial topic, what would it be?
Maybe something about homosexuality or transgendered people within some kind of church context. I think everyone thinks that they are accepting and open. But when you face these situations in your own family you discover your true feelings.

Are you an avid or occasional reader? If so, what is your favorite genre of books?
I am an avid reader. My absolute favourite genre is romance, but I don’t like novels that are straight romance. There has to be something else going on, like some mystery, or action, or legal drama. I am also very partial to books that fall into the inspirational or urban Christian range.
If you could interview one of your favorite authors, who would it be? Why?
If I could go back in time I would love to meet and interview Jane Austen. I know a lot of people might give that answer and it may seem stereotypical but I really would love to know more about her personal life and what inspired her to write the stories she did. I know that as a writer a lot of my own personal experiences and perspectives leak into my stories. It’s inevitable. So I would really love to know if Miss Austen had a romance like Anne Elliot in Persuasion or sisters like Elizabeth Bennet’s in Pride and Prejudice.

If you could make a movie out of one of your books, which one would it be?
I think my latest one, Get You Good would make a pretty decent movie. But I can see my first novel Man Enough For Me being good for the screen with the music industry aspect of it. I could totally see Journee Smollet playing Jules. Maybe Columbus Short as Germaine. Hot!

Which marketing/promotions or publicity strategy has worked best in your favor?
Good distribution has definitely been an effective promotion strategy for me. Being able to have my books in places like Walmart and Target really helped with sales, particularly of my second novel. As for what I personally do, I think social media definitely has its advantages. I live in Canada, so it’s not as easy to be at conferences and events where I can meet readers and other writers, but connecting with them through facebook really gives more recognition to my name, which helps when they get to the bookstore or do their online shopping!

Which do you like better traditional or self-publishing? Why?
I have to say traditional, just because that’s what I have experience with. There is a lot of freedom with self publishing, but unless you are an established writer it can be hard to get your product to the market without a publisher and the traditional distribution channels they offer. However with more customers buying books on kindle, and the ease of publishing e-books, I can definitely see self publishing growing as a successful means for authors’ getting their work out there.

What new projects are you working on?
I am currently working on a follow-up to Get You Good. It is told from a different perspective but you get to catch up with a lot of the characters that you’ll meet in my current release. This will be my first time writing a sequel to any of my novels. I’m excited!

Where can readers find you?At my website They can also find me at I am best on email though so if you want a direct response from me, hit me up at

About the Book
Sydney Isaacs has two priorities: her family, and Decadent, the gourmet pastry business they founded almost three generations ago. But both are in jeopardy when her brother, Dean, announces his sudden marriage to the conniving Sheree Vern. Furthermore Dean's inheritance of the ownership of Decadent from their father, despite Dean's lack of interest, leaves Sydney with few options. Now Dean and Sheree are selling the store to finance his music dreams—or so Dean believes… Thanks to Sheree, Dean’s plans, the business, and his marriage, soon implode in ways he never expected—leaving Sydney determined to salvage whatever she can and fix the mess left behind. Her only solace is her romance with Hayden Windsor. But Hayden is Sheree's half brother and it doesn't take long for Sydney to wonder:  what if Hayden knew about Sheree’s scheming all along? Soon Sydney creates a deception of her own to find out the truth. Her strategy is working, until the consequences threaten to destroy everything she values most—including her faith. Overcome with guilt, can she make things right with her brother, with Hayden, and with God?

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Book Review

What would you do for your family? Sydney has to decide in Get You Good by Rhonda Bowen. Sydney runs the family pastry business, Decadent with her sister Lissandra. Sydney has always put family and the business first and her strong work ethics has made Decadent one of the most popular spots for tasty treats.
When Sydney’s brother, Dean returns home with his pregnant fiancée, Sheree, the dynamics of the family take a drastic change. Dean informs Sydney the business she loves will be sold. Sydney offers to buy the store but is underhanded by the competition, “Something Sweet.” Sydney has a funny feeling that something is not right and plans to find out her brother and his wife’s intentions.
Sydney’s investigative skills are in high gear when an unsuspected tragedy hits the family. Sydney discovers that the man she loves is the half-brother of the woman causing her family pain. Sydney soon has to ask her sisters to step out of character and help her protect their family as well as the history their father started when he opened Decadent.
Get You Good is about preserving a legacy and stopping those trying to destroy it. This was an exciting book with drama, suspense, romance and an unsuspected ending. I enjoyed the characters. The acts these sisters go through to take care of their own was unbelievable. I recommend Get You Good to others.
This book was provided by the author for review purposes.
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Book Spotlight: An Angry Ass Black Woman

An Angry-Ass Black Woman

Karen E. Quinones Miller

Publication Date: October 2, 2012

 You’d be angry, too . . . if you grew up poorer than poor in Harlem in the 1960s and ’70s, a place of unrelenting violence, racism, crime, rape, scamming, drinking, and drugging . . . with a dad permanently checked out in Bellevue and a mom at the end of her rope raising you, your twin sister, and your two brothers, moving every time the money runs out— and doing what it takes to survive.  

But there’s more to her story . . . Ke-Ke Quinones was whip smart and sassy, a voracious reader of everything from poetry to the classics. No matter what, 117th Street—where you could always count on someone to stand up for you—would always be home. And with every hard-knock lesson learned, Ke-Ke grew fiercer, unleashing her inner angry-ass black woman to get through it all. 

 Is this her final chapter? Now, decades later, comatose in a hospital bed after a medical crisis, she reflects on her life—her success as a journalist and renowned author, her tragicomic memories of Harlem, her turbulent marriage, the birth of her daughter, future possibilities—all the while surrounded by her splintered family in all of their sound and fury. Will she rise above once more?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Book Review: Liberation

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Wanda B. Campbell
Publication Date: December 21, 2012
4 Stars=Great Page Turner
We do not have the liberty to choose our family members, but Shannon Yates wish she did in Liberation by Wanda B. Campbell. Shannon has lived with the constant mistreatment from her family members. The family has convinced Shannon that she will never find love because of her dark skin. Shannon has given up until she meets Marcus, a musician that comes into the church where she works. Marcus stirs feelings in Shannon that she cannot explain and that scares her to death.
When Marcus meets Shannon, he is overwhelmed with her beauty and shy behavior. Marcus approach is aggressive and it sends Shannon running the other way. As Shannon starts to come around and the two start dating, Marcus notices changes in Shannon that has him concern. The emotional distress Shannon’s family has placed her is hindering her growth in her relationship with Marcus. Will Marcus continue to be patient? Or will Shannon let her past issues rule her future?
Liberation is a story of love, blessings and faith. The author does a wonderful job sharing the development of the relationship between Marcus and Shannon. I believe readers will be able to relate to the emotions the main character experiences and the feelings of being unwanted. God has chosen a mate for every one and this proves true in Liberation. I recommend Liberation to others.
This book was provided by the author for review purposes.