Friday, March 15, 2013

Book Review: Grandma, How Do You Know God Is Real?

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Grandma, How Do You Know God Is Real?
Lorita Kelsey Childress
Publication Date: December 12, 2012
5 Stars=None Stop Page Turner
Kendra is a young girl who loves spending time with her grandparents in Grandma, How Do You Know God Is Real? by Lorita Childress. One morning Kendra asks her grandmother a question about God. Kendra explains to her grandmother that since going to church, listening to the singing and hearing the pastor preaching she has wondered how her grandparents know that God is real.
While eating breakfast Kendra’s grandmother explains the different ways to acknowledge that God is real. Kendra has an inquisitive mind so her grandmother takes her to the park to explain more about God authenticity. My favorite part of this story is when Kendra tells her grandmother how she knows that God is real. This book shares the beautiful relationship between a grandchild and her grandmother. The explanations given to Kendra are a representation of God’s love for His children.
Grandma, How Do You Know God Is Real? is full of wisdom, inspiration and love. I recommend this book to all families.
This book was provided by the author for review purposes.

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