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Revelation Book Tour with Morrie Richfield

About the Author:

Morrie Richfield lives in Pennsylvania with his two sons, his dogs and his cat. He is working on his next novel, and he still dreams that someday the world will be a better place for all of us to live. His latest book is the inspirational fantasy novel, Revelation: The Return of Mr. Breeze.

Q & A with Morrie Richfield

A&RBC: How did you become a writer?

Morrie: I just starting typing and a book came out of it, I was told you’re a write.

 A&RBC: What are you hoping readers take from your book?

Morrie: I want to make the world a better place changing one heart and one mind at a time.

A&RBC:  If you were to write a book about a controversial topic, what would it be?

Morrie: I think I already did that twice!

A&RBC: Are you an avid or occasional reader? If so, what is your favorite genre of books?
Morrie:  I have no time to read I’m sad to say.

A&RBC: If you could interview one of your favorite authors, who would it be? Why?

Morrie: I really could not know who to interview.

A&RBC: If you could make a movie out of one of your books, which one would it be?

Morrie: First Mr. Breeze and then Revelation

A&RBC: Which marketing/promotions or publicity strategy has worked best in your favor?

Morrie: So far not really any but I’m not in this for that reason

A&RBC: Which do you like better traditional or self-publishing? Why?

Morrie: I only know self publishing so I cannot give a real answer to that question
A&RBC: What new projects are you working on?

Morrie: I’m writing a series of Children’s books called the adventures of Jake  & Taylor of Lomerry

A&RBC: Where can readers find you?

Morrie: Twitter & Facebook

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About the Book:

Mr. Breeze is back; so is Michael Ryan and Rover, the magical dog.
MR. BREEZE fans can rejoice. REVELATION, Morrie Richfield’s much-anticipated sequel to his novel MR. BREEZE, has arrived. Readers new to the strange but inspiring tale of a super being and his attempt to set mankind on a straight and moral path for its very survival can immerse themselves in what critics and readers alike are calling an “inspirational fantasy” with important lessons for all of us.

In MR. BREEZE, published in 2011, Richfield introduced readers to Zackary, aka Zack, aka Mr. Breeze, an ancient being who claimed to be mankind’s creator and who still exerts a powerful force on the human race and its very existence. Zack appeared on earth as a powerful man who did miraculous deeds. He chose journalist Michael Ryan to tell his story in a book that, he hoped, would show mankind how to stop its self-destructive ways and bring paradise on earth. With man’s fate hanging in the balance, Zack disappeared, leaving humans to their fate and Michael wondering what his role really is.

REVELATION moves the action two years into the future. The situation looks bleak. Mankind has slipped back into its old, destructive ways and Michael has become a dissolute recluse. There are people who view Michael as a savior and others who see him as a threat to be eliminated.

Along this strange trip, Michael meets new friends and reunites with old companions, the most significant of which is Rover, an abused dog whom Zack endowed with superpowers. Rover becomes Zack’s messenger to Michael, as Michael tries to get Zack’s original message out to the world:  If mankind doesn’t straighten out, he will destroy the human race.

Richfield plays down the description of REVELATION as an “inspirational fantasy.” He calls it a “self-help book, a textbook, a reality series on paper. It is what we see when we look in the mirror.”

If MR. BREEZE focused on Zack and his message, REVELATION focuses on Michael, following his struggle to understand his role in Zack’s master plan and to find his soul, Richfield says. “Michael’s final revelation is that we just don’t learn. Without the threat of destruction, we go back to our old ways. Our time is almost up and we need to do something. We need to show Mr. Breeze the human race deserves a chance to continue to exist.”

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