Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Book Release

Delphine Publications Teens releases 'Black Angel'
March 26, 2013

About The Book

Solomon Night is an average high school kid with a life shrouded in mystery. With his abusive step father at home and bullies at school his life is far from easy, All this changes in one night, when Solomon is hit by a car on the streets of New York on his way home. In death, Solomon is finally able to find peace. His eternal rest is cut short by a mysterious apparition offering him the power to protect those he loves and even more, a second chance at life. The deal sounds too sweet to pass up, and Solomon signs the contract that binds him to this mysterious being in more ways than he knows. He becomes the Black Angel and gains an assortment of new amazing abilities. Solomon soon discovers the price of his mistake and finds out the hard way that power is the ultimate sorrow and that every bargain has its price. Now, it s a race to save the ones he loves; or will his dance with the devil be the death of them all?

From the Author

Stone says he wants people that read his books to take away the fact that life is a challenge that needs to be endured.  "Life is not always going to be easy. If you're going through hell, keep going through it," he says.

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