Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Author of the Week: Jaycee Durant

About The Book
What if you discovered that the sins of your mother's past will forever haunt your future? That finding out the secrets she took to her grave would turn your life upside down? To the rest of the world Corynn Hayes was a brilliant writer and entrepreneur. To Karlee Jones, she was not only a mother but a best friend. Until Corynn's unexpected death, Karlee thought that she knew everything there was to know about her mother. Then, Karlee recieves her mother's diary as a farewell gift. The depth of the secrets within those pages end up devastating Karlee, forever changing the memory of her mother. The Diary: Succession of Lies is a novel that exposes the secret life of a mistress. It is a tale of love, lust, loss, and redemption as well as the trials of two generations of women. The Diary takes a new spin on the mistress image, a woman often vilified throughout literature as a harlot and a home wrecker. It tackles several questions. Why does a mistress stay? Is love possible in such a taboo relationship? Is love enough to endure the consequences that come later.

Meet The Author Interview

A&RBC: How did you become a writer?
JD: I have known that writing was what I wanted to do since I was six years old. I have alwyas had a great love for stories and the way that they are told and it has always been my dream to be one of those writers that people enjoy reading. One day I just started writing and I never stopped. I wrote and studied everything there was to know about the craft of writing. I became a writer because I have always believed that it was what I was destined to be and I never let anyone tell me otherwise.

A&RBC: What are you hoping readers take from your book?
JD: What I want people to understand and take away when they read my book is that things with people are not always what they may seem to be on the surface. You think that you know people and you build them up to what your expectations of them are and when they turn out to be anything different then you expected then there's this sense of disppointment and sometimes even anger. What I hope that people get out of my book is that they should always look deeper within the people in their lives and don't just assume what you know of them to be true but also to not judge them for being different from what you expected. People's actions do not always accurately depict the character of that person.

A&RBC: Who is the hero in your life? How does your hero inspire you?
JD: I guess I would have to say that my hero is my best friend, who is also a writer. She is someone who has such tenacity and determination and someone who always manages to find the positive aspect of any situation. She never seems to let life get her down and if you are lucky enough to be called her friend then she will never let life get you down either. She has had many obstacles and struggles and the way she deals with them is truly inspiring and admirable. I love her dearly and I admire the wonderful person that she is and the fact that knowing her has enriched my life so much more than I would've ever thought possible.

A&RBC: What are two things you want your readers to know about you?
JD: I am not sure that there are any big things to know about me that I don't willingly share. I guess if it had to be anything, it's that I am a hopeless romantic and that I really hate all of this advanced technology.

A&RBC: What are your favorite marketing and/or promotional tools?
JD: I guess I would say Facebook is a great marketing and promotional tool, especially for people like myself who are just getting their foot in the water and don't really have a fan base just yet.

A&RBC: What is one thing you have learned about the publishing industry?
JD: That it takes a whole lot of patience. Patience in the writing field and the publishing industry is extremely necessary. It is pretty much like one big waiting game and you just have to wait until it's your turn unless you're prepared to just give up.

A&RBC: What advice would you give to an aspiring author?
JD: The advice I would give is to never stop believing that it is possible. There will be those moments when people will tell you that what you have written is not good enough. There will even be days when you will hate what you've written yourself. Those are the days where you are going to really need to believe in yourself and not give up. Those are the days where you still need to sit down and write anyway, regardless of whether you fell that there is a point. Writing is hard work but it is more than worth it.

A&RBC: Who was the firs author you read? What was the title of the book?
JD: I can't really remember the actual first book and author that I ever read because I can't remember all the way back to when I was six or seven but the first book that I can actually fully remember was Judy Blume and I think that the book was Are you there God? It's Me Margaret.

A&RBC: Tell us what new projects you are working on.
JD: I am working on a couple of different novels that I am not fully ready to disclose any details about and I am also working on a book collaboration specifically designed for writer's who are guilty of constantly sel-sabotaging themselves and because it is a collaborative effort I am not really at liberty to discuss any further details other than that. I do however plan to expand my horizons in future projects, meaning that I want to write things in many different genres and to not just be a writer who is predictable. I don't really want my readers to think that they will know what to expect from me. I like to surprise people.

A&RBC: Where can your readers find you?
JD: My readers can find me online at Amazon.com, Barnes and Nobles online bookstore, as well as Passionate Writer Publishing website at http://www.passionatewriterpublishing.com/, as well as the Borders bookstore in Largo, MD.

A&RBC: Authors & Readers Book Corner appreciate your time! We are glad you stopped by!
JD: Thanks for having me.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Book Spotlight: Crossroads

About The Book
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What's a girl to do when she comes to a crossroads in life? Amaryllis Price is back and she's trying to stay saved. Once a gold-digger, husband stealer and a master manipulator, Amaryllis had vowed to change her life and walk on straight street. But when a handsome ex-boyfriend, Charles Walker, emerges from her past and sets out to rekindle the hot and steamy times they shared between the sheets, Amaryllis is faced with a decision. Will Amaryllis send Charles packing or will she give in to temptation and allow him to take her down memory lane?

Bridgette Nelson, Amaryllis' best friend and roommate, had also made a change for the better. Bridgette, once known for her hot tongue, never had a problem getting folks told and putting them in their place. Bridgette is up for a promotion but when she curses the nephew of the CEO at the law firm she works for, Bridgette must take an anger management class to secure the job. Unwilling to cooperate, Bridgette stands to lose everything that's dear to her.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Business of the Week: Bryant Consulting

Who is Bryant Consulting?
Bryant Consulting is a literary consulting firm.

What services do you provide?
Bryant Consulting provides a wide array of services that include article writing, editing, ghostwriting, web and graphic design, research, maerketing as well as other services.

Why should Authors & Readers choose your company?
We have been in the literary business for nearly 20 years and have built a list of satisfied clientele, while implementing integrity, customer satisfaction at a fair price.

What advice (relative to your area of business) can you give to aspiring authors?
New and aspiring authors should always do their research. They must remember that research does not stop at the beginning of their project as the literary industry is constantly changing. Educating yourself also allows you to learn how to do things yourself saving money on your bottom line. It is also important to remember that giving to the industry is just as imprtant as taking. If you find yourself only taking and not giving, you will soon find that you cannot, and will not, successfully strive in this industry. Lastly, have realistic expectations. I have had clients who, even after counsel, thought they would sell thousands of books with little or no effort. If you are going to be a part of this industry, plan to work hard, with very little glory; the end result is the reward.

What is your contact and location information?
Bryant Consulting
P. O. Box 13727
Greensboro, NC 27405-3727

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Book Review: Unloved

About The Book

Bullying was once considered a harmless rite of passage. Some were either bullied in school or they were the bully. What was once considered an acceptable practice has now been drawn into the limelight by the national attention of highly publicized suicides due to bullying.

Bullying can take on different forms. Bullying is not just a physical act but can also be an emotional, written, or verbal act as well. Bullying can take place in the workplace, school, online, and even while we are traveling in our vehicles on the road. Bullying is a form of abuse that has reached epidemic proportions in the United States and civilized nations across the globe.

When bullying goes too far, the end result is sometimes suicide. Suicide should never become an option. One life lost to this senseless way, is one too many!

Seven authors (Jo Davis, HD Hatcher, Omegia Keeys, Autumn Prince, Lisa Rusczyk, KJ Thompson, and Vogue) have joined forces to send one message. That message is, “You are not Unloved!” Unloved is an anthology dedicated to those who have been the victim of bullying, or know someone who has been bullied.

*All proceeds from Unloved will go to charities in support of Bully Prevention and/or Suicide Prevention.


Have you ever reminisced about things you did when you were a kid? After reading Unloved by the Author Project, I had no choice but to do just that. I learned as parents that we need to pay more attention to our children, their friends, and their daily activities. Unloved is a collaboration of seven short stories that focus on bullying, whether it is in a child's home, amongst a child's friends, or at school.In this collection of emotional stories, three really touched me.

About A Bully by Autumn Prince is the story of Brandon and Eric, two best friends that share everything. When the two friends spend a summer apart, the true meaning behind their friendship is revealed.

Meech by Jo Davis is a story about a student in denial. One student's act of reaching out to a friend becomes more than either one of them could imagine.

The Beginning of the End by KJ Thompson is about Tracey Reed, who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Tracey's curiosity lands her in an unpleasant situation where she will have to reach out to a friend for help.

Unloved is a compelling collaboration of stories representing how the unfair treatment of others can lead to tragic endings. A bully can be of any age and the act of bullying can be committed in different ways. Readers will definitely relate to the characters throughout this book and what they have gone through. Unloved was a revelation for me and I definitely recommend it to not only young adults but parents as well.

Reviewed by Teresa Beasley
A&RBC Rating: 5 Stars

Monday, March 21, 2011

Author of the Week: B. Swangin Webster

How did you become a writer?
I became a writer while sitting in English class and doing an assignment and got encouragement from my teacher to write the rest of my story.

What are you hoping readers take from your book?
I am hoping that they get the message that domestic abuse, either mental or physical, should be reported no matter who it is.

Who is the hero in your life? How does your hero inspire you?
My parents are my heroes. They are always there to encourage me and also are my biggest fans.

What are two things you want your readers to know about you?
Let's see, two things; well the first would be that I am not the person in my novels and two, I love being able to talk to people about being an author and writer.

What are your favorite marketing and/or promotional tools?
My favorite marketing tool is me. I love talking about my books.

What is one thing you have learned about the publishing industry?
The one thing that I learned is that you cannot take every no as the end to everything because for every no, there is always a yes waiting.

What advice would you give to an aspiring author?
My advice, do not let everyone deter you from being an author. No matter who they are.

Who was the first author you read? What was the title of the book?
E. Lynn Harris and the book was "Just  As I Am." Loved it and still have my original copy, bent pages and all.

Tell us what new projects you are working on.
I am currently working on my third novel in the "Let Me Just Say This" series and working on a project that a co-worker wanted to do, but he passed away, so I am doing it for him, entitled, "The Teachers Lounge."

Where can your readers find you?
My readers can find me on Facebook under B. Swangin Webster fanpage, on Twitter, BSwanginWebster and my website; http://bswanginwebster.webs.com or by emailing me at anauthor08@live.com

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Business of the Week: Corporate Mom Drop Outs

A&RBC: Who is Corporate Mom Dropouts?
CMD: Corporate Mom Drop Outs is a book, a blog and a life style of a woman who has children and decides to take control over her family, profession and her life.

A&RBC: What services do you provide?
CMD: We provide workshops and courses that support women in business build sustainable business models with a hugh emphasis on unique marketing through our MBA program called Mommy Biz Academy. We offer coaching and mastermind groups for each program accountability and peer support.

A&RBC: Why should Authors and  Readers choose your company?
CMD: They should read the book to hear the success tips of over 20 highly succcesful women who have left their jobs to pursue their passion. They are living the lifestyle they love and they will help any reader shorten their learning curve and avoid common mistakes before, after and during the birthing cycle of business. They should choose my company because we are the only coaching and consulting company that provides a 9 Pillar mix that helps each business owner shift their mindset, set themselves apart from the marketplace, and supports them in standing in their power they already possess.

A&RBC: What advice (relative to your area of business) can you give to aspiring authors?
CMD: In my opinion everyone is an author, everyone has a story to tell, whether its fiction or nonfiction. One thing that I think is important for each author to take into consideration is that their story, their book is just the beginning. It is important to brand their book, brand their story and use it as a tool to open doors to creating a legacy and contributing to history. Having a book is just the start; turn the word of their book in life. For example: workshops, seminars, keynotes, series, and trainings. Put the words into action.

A&RBC: What is your contact and location information?
CMD: I am located in Westchester, NY. I can be reached online at www.corporatemomdropouts.com and www.lucindacross.com, they can always connect with me on Facebook at Lucinda Cross and connect with the book community at Corporatemomdropouts, Twitter@lucindaspeaks or @corpmomdropouts

A&RBC: Who is your direct contact representative?
CMD: My direct contact is Iris Roman at 919-410-4329 or assistant@lucindacross.com

A&RBC: We appreciate you taking the time out to chat with us.
CMD: Thank you for inviting me.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Author of the Week: Nikita Lynnette Nichols

A&RBC: How did you become a writer?
Nikita: That's a good question. I get asked this question often. I graduated high school with a "C" average and I don't have any college experience at all. I've never taken a literary class nor was I taught how to write a book. So, whenever I'm asked how I became a writer, I simply tell the truth, "It was by the grace of God".

A&RBC: What are you hoping readers take from your book?
Nikita: Most of my books are inspirational. My characters face real life issues and struggles but they always overcome by the last chapter. So, I guess what I want readers to take from my books is the fact that life is what you make it. I believe that most battles can be chosen. If you don't necessarily have to fight, then don't. But when a war arises, stay strong, stay true to yourself and you'll always triumph.

A&RBC: Who is the hero in your life? How does your hero inspire you?
Nikita: I would have to say that my father is, and always have been, my hero. Ever since I was a little girl, he made me to believe that there was no problem he couldn't solve. Over the years I've lost count on how many frantic situations he's gotten me out of. I turned 40 this year and it's a blessing to know that no matter what I need, I can pick up the telephone, dial a number and say, "Daddy, I need....", and he'll walk through hell or swim through high waters to get to me.

A&RBC: What are two things you want your readers to know about you?
Nikita: I want my readers to know that I'm approachable and friendly. I always respond. it may take me a few days to get through all of the messages but I always make it a point to let my fans know that I love them and I appreciate them and don't take them for granted. Some days, I go back and forth on e-mail with readers simply chatting about nothing.

A&RBC: What are your favorite marketing and/or promotional tools?
Nikita: My publicist rocks. She is dynamite when it comes to keeping me on the best seller's list. She works tirelessly. Arranging booksignings, tour dates and interviews, creating book trailers, newsletters, and updating my website is just a fraction of what she does. But because I have the absolute best fans in this entire world, my books sell by 'word-of-mouth'. When a reader is satisfied with an author's work, they tell someone and then that person tells someone else, and then I get messages from readers saying that my book was referred to them. That's the blessing that I receive everyday. Over 5, 000 copies of "A Woman's Worth" sold between January and June of this year (2010) simply because my readers love me.

A&RBC: What is one thing you have learned about the publishing industry?
Nikita: That you must have an awesome editor to critique your work before it's submitted for publication. It's sad that so many great manuscripts get rejected simply because too many words are either misspelled or misplaced. I had to learn that.

A&RBC: What advice would you give to an aspiring author?
Nikita: Have patience, patience, and more patience. It's a dog eat dog world in the publishing business. I always say that everybody has a story to tell. You must believe in your work and keep trying, no matter how many rejection letters come. Don't give up. Eventually, that book deal will happen.

A&RBC: Who was the first author you read? What was the title of the book?
Nikita: I don't recall the first book I've read.

A&RBC: Tell us what new projects you are working on.
Nikita: My novel, "Crossroads", releases on February 1, 2011. But I'm excited to announce my first online book "Damsels In Distress" coming in August 2011. It can only be purchased from my website. I am currently putting the finishing touches on "Lady Elect", the 2nd online book, "Heartbreak Reputation", releases in November 2012. And then there is "Pretty Little Liar", and the 4th installment of the "A Man's Worth" series, coming in 2013. So, I'm busy, busy, busy.

A&RBC: Where can your readers find you?
Nikita: I'm all over the place. My e-mail address is kitawrites@comcast.net. My website address is  www.nikitalynnettenichols.com. My blogsite is http://nikitalynnettenichols.blogspot.com I'm also on Facebook and can be followed on Twitter.

A&RBC: Authors & Readers Book Corner appreciates your time!
Nikita: Thanks for having me.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Double Feature Book Review: Diamond Collection

Book One: Diamonds In The Rough
5 Stars
In book one of the Diamond Series, Diamonds in the Rough, by Vogue, readers are introduced to Carmen Davenport. Carmen is a young college student working in her mother’s clothing store, Flame, Inc, in hopes of becoming a fashion designer and entrepreneur. Carmen’s mother soon turns the day-to-day operations of the store of Flame, Inc over to Carmen allowing her dreams to come true.
On a lunch date, Carmen and Tiara, her best friend meet Jay Santiago and his right hand man, Carlos. After meeting Jay, Carmen cannot ignore the attraction she has for him.
Jay Santiago is a well known drug lord within the community. When Jay first meets Carmen, he knows they are destined to be together. When one of his rivals approaches Carmen at a block party, Jay feels an instant urge to protect her, thus their relationship begins. After dating for awhile, Jay starts to see a different side of Carmen that has a sudden impact on their relationship.
Carlos grows tired of being Jay’s second-in-command and wants to branch out on his own. Carlos sets up some deals on the side. A large deal comes up that will grant Carlos a large amount of money, however he realizes he will not be able to seal the deal without a partner. Carlos comes up with the ultimate plan enlisting the help of an unsuspected candidate.
Diamonds in the Rough is a story of deception and betrayal. The author put a different twist to telling this story of the drug game. Diamond in the Rough has well-developed characters that had me on pins and needles anticipating what would happen next. The author convinced me to follow the juicy details of the tangled webs and disloyalty she created within the pages of this book. I recommend Diamonds in the Rough to those who enjoy urban stories.
Book Two: Diamonds Are Forever


5 Stars

In book two of the Diamond series, Diamonds are Forever, by Vogue, the story picks up where Diamonds in the Rough left off. Carmen Davenport is pregnant and a maximum prison inmate awaiting her day of freedom. Jay Santiago is in prison contemplating ways to re-enter the world, as he knew it. Both of their lives have changed. In Diamonds are Forever, individuals’ true colors come out and things are definitely not as they seem.

Tiara has been holding down Flame, Inc, since her best friend’s imprisonment. The business is doing well and Tiara is ready to hand over operations to Carmen. Tiara is also ready to settle down; longing to have a family. Tiara believes the secret man in her life may be able to grant her wish.

Carmen is out of prison, married with two children and running her successful clothing business. The past seems to be behind her until she finds out that her ex-boyfriend, Jay, is out of prison as well. Carmen has become accustomed to her lifestyle and she knows if Jay comes back around trouble will soon follow. On the other hand, Carmen has her own agenda that just might put a damper on everyone’s plans.  

Jay is relieved that he received an early release from prison. He has one mission--to rebuild his empire and have a relationship with his son. Jay has the help of his friend, Malik, to reclaim his spot on top. Jay believes he has all bases covered, except times have changed and he will soon learn he is the one that has to adjust.

Diamonds are Forever is about betrayal and deceit. The main characters are very vindictive, which brings life to the storyline. Readers will see the true colors of these characters while deciding on which to love or hate.  The author has once again written a book that will captivate readers.  I recommend Diamonds are Forever to urban readers who love drama and suspense.

Book Spotlight: Sweet Little Lies

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About The Book

Christina Brinsley is that girl.
You know the one: a little bougie, a little opinionated, knows it all, has it all, and is a total perfectionist. But Christina’s perfectly crafted world isn’t really so perfect. Her third
engagement fizzled three days before the wedding, her family expects her to solve their
problems, and her friend s are more than a little bit out of control. To keep it all together, she dedicates herself to her work, because it’s the one thing that won’t let her down. But when her latest assignment leads her to sizzling hot professor Steven Williams, the one man who sees through her efforts to outsmart and outmaneuver her way through every situation, Christina can’t believe she’s falling for a man who may be a key player in the scandal she’s investigating....


I have never witnessed a character transform like the one in Sweet Little Lies by Michele Grant. Christina Brinsley has had her share of unfulfilling relationships, but after her third engagement fails she starts guarding her heart with fists of steel. Oh, it does not help that she is an opinionated perfectionist that has to be right about everything. While putting her last fiancée out, her deliveryman happens to come to her rescue. This chance meeting starts the evolution of Christina as she embarks on a roller coaster ride of shear enjoyment and rude awakenings.

Steven Williams happens to be at the wrong place at the right time. Steven comes to the rescue of a beautiful woman in a sticky situation while delivering her packages. The instant attraction between the two is hard to ignore causing Steven to put his best foot forward. It is a thin line between love and being miserable and Christina will soon find out that love does not wait forever. Will Christina finally give into her knight in shining armor?

Sweet Little Lies is a story about a woman that cannot fully recognize her faults. The main character is so used to being in control and helping others that to admit she has her own problems would be way out of the norm. The author provides readers a glimpse of a woman learning to open her heart to possibilities. I really enjoyed this book and the emotions that it made me feel. It definitely provided me with the drama and suspense that I hoped it would. I recommend this book to others.

Reviewed by Teresa Beasley
A&RBC Rating: 5 Stars

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Author of the Week: Michele Grant

How did you become a writer?
It sounds cliche, but I was born a writer. I'v been jotting down stories and inventing characters in my head from a ridiculously young age. Thankfully, someone decided to allow me to make a living doing it.

What are you hoping readers wake from your book?
Relationships are hard and drama-filled but worth it in the end.

Who is the hero in your life? How does your hero inspire you?
My father was my hero. He was quite simply a fascinating, creative and charming man. He inspired me to believe in myself and chase my dreams.

What are two things you want your readers to know about you?
I love all things purple and I'm a hopeful romantic.

What are your favorite marketing and/or promotional tools?
Social media and the internet. I started a blog http://www.blacknbougie.com/ in 2009 prior to my first book, Heard it all Before coming out. Since then, the blog has grown and I love the instant feedback it provides along with Twitter and Facebook.

What is one thing you have larned about the publishing industry?
You get out of it what you put into it.

What advice would you give to an aspiring author?
Keep writing and keep submitting. If you believe in your work, others will as well.

Who was the first author you read? What was the title of the book?
I actually grew up on Nancy Drew books by Carolyn Keene and romance novels. The first book I adored was This Rough Magic by Mary Stewart-that's old school romance!

Tell us what new projects you are working on.
I'm working on my third full-length novel for Kensington Dafina as well as a series of articles for a few online and print magazines. In my spare time, I'm heading out to tour the country for the launch of my second book, Sweet Little Lies.

Where can your readers find you?
I'm everywhere! On Twitter as @OneChele and @Mgrantauthor. I'm on Facebook as Michele Grant and a fan page. I have a blog: http://www.blacknbougie.com/ and a website http://www.michelegrant.net/; if all of that fails you can email me directly at Michele@MicheleGrant.net!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Book Spotlight: No Strings Attached

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About the Book

What happens when you find The One, but you’re just not ready?

Jasmine Taylor doesn’t have the time or the inclination to settle down. Not since her longtime boyfriend Nicco betrayed her and married another woman. She’s a successful entrepreneur who knows how to take care of herself, and she relies on several sizzling lovers to satisfy her most arousing needs.The arrangement seems perfect, except for one irresistible detail: Sean Williams, the only man Jasmine can’t take her mind off. A handsome music producer, Sean has a private jet, fancy condos, and a different girl in every city. So why does he keep coming back to smart, beautiful Jasmine? When she confesses her love one passionate night—a surprise to them both—he realizes he’s met his match.Neither is prepared to give up the no-strings-attached lifestyle, but when Sean finds out Nicco wants Jasmine back, he loses his cool—and lets her go in the process. The only way Sean can win Jasmine’s heart is by dropping the playboy act and making a commitment . . . but will she be ready to trust him? Fun, sexy, and touching, Karyn Grice’s No Strings Attached is an undeniably romantic tale that makes Mr. Right work for the woman of his dreams.


What looks good to you is not always good for you. This message is clear in No Strings Attached by Karyn Grice, which tells the story of Jasmine Taylor, a car dealership owner whose choice in men is up for questioning. Jasmine just wants to have fun and she is not looking for a commitment since Nicco, her ex-boyfriend, broke her heart.

Jasmine goes on several dates to keep her needs met. She loves the no strings attached arrangement and it seems to work well for her until she meets Sean Williams, an irresistible music producer, who has Jasmine rethinking her plans. Jasmine cannot get him off her mind and soon realizes that she is falling in love with him.

Sean is a successful businessman, who has women throwing themselves at him. He meets Jasmine and the connection is unmistakable. Sean wants her for his self but has one obstacle in his way- Jasmine's ex-boyfriend. It seems when everything is going well for Sean and Jasmine, Nicco has a way of showing up to run interference. Will Sean's passion become an obsession? Or will he give up on their relationship?

Nicco is the ex-boyfriend that will not let go. He cannot accept that Jasmine has moved on with her life. Nicco tries everything he can to get her to come back to him. He makes a point to be available when she needs someone, sends her gifts, and shows up unexpectedly at her place of business. When all his efforts backfire, he must go to plan B. Will he succeed? Or will Jasmine close the door in his face for good?

No Strings Attached is a story of making decisions and letting go. The main character believes she has her situation figured out but the many distractions knock her off her feet. This book was entertaining with well-developed characters. The few twists were positioned just right in the story even though the ending was predictable. I recommend the book to others.

Reviewed by Teresa Beasley
A&RBC Rating: 4