Authors & Readers Book Corner was started in 2010 and is devoted to self-published authors. Having read books in many genres, I could not concentrate on one particular one. I decided it would be better to start a blog that would focus on different genres but feature self-published authors. The self-published author has a longer journey to acquire publicity for their work and the anguish they go through can either break or make them stronger.  I wanted to do my part by having a site that will showcase these authors, their books and links to purchase their book.

I must admit, after reading a good book I have an overwhelming need to share it with others and what better way to do so then online. Authors & Readers Book Corner was created to share information on upcoming book releases as well as featuring businesses and publishers in the industry. I also review books and host book/blog tours to help promote authors.

If you are a author or know of an author that would like to be featured, please email me the author's name and email address to tabeasley@arbookcorner.com. If you would like to request a review please visit "Review Policy".

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