Friday, September 28, 2012

Book Review: Flawless

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Shana Burton
4 Stars

Lawson, Sullivan, Reginell, Kima, and Angela are women trying to overcome the obstacles in their lives. These ladies have a sisterhood that provides each other with advice, friendship and guidance. Reginell looks up to her big sister, Lawson, except when it comes to her current employer. Lawson feels she needs to protect her sister at all times. Lawson doesn’t realize that her sisterly love is starting to get out of control and has started causing problems within her marriage.
Kima has finally gotten away from her abusive husband but her loneliness is starting to take over. Kima soon turns to an unsuspected individual for companionship. Angela King seems to be stepping back into the past when it comes to her love life. In the course of her blast from the past, Angela meets the man of her dreams but only after she has promised herself to another man.
Lady Sullivan Webb is back to her old habits in her pursuit of keeping her marriage intact. In trying to please her husband, Sullivan’s plans back fires and she is stuck with the uncomfortable consequences.
Flawless is about friendship, family and knowing when to admit you are wrong, which is hard to do for these characters. This was a wonderful addition to the Flaws series. I enjoyed the drama and the twists and turns in this book. The characters were well-developed bringing excitement to each page. I recommend Flawless to others.
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