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The Holy City by Michael Blake

About The Author

Born in the intercity of Chicago, Michael found himself pulled in two different directions after completing high school.  His dreams of becoming a basketball player was overwhelmed by the peer presure from the neighborhoods, young men who were famous for being street lords….Becoming a young parent, Michael chose the thug lifestyle, fast money, and cars to provide for his family.  After a drastic incident that led Michael to a five year prison sentence, he recollected on past memories and began writing his debut novel “The Holy City”.
Get to Know Michael:
Q: Tell us a little something about yourself?
A: My name is Michael F. Blake…A native of Chicago Illinois.  A father/husband, screenwriter, entrepreneur and the author of an amazing three part series “The Holy City” under Delphine Publication.
Q: How have becoming an author changed your life?
A: It have given me a more positive outlet to express my creativity, emotions, and past interpretations of some of my childhood memories.
Q: What was some of your biggest challenges writing “The Holy City”?
A: It’s kind of hard to believe that during the darkest time of my life, in the midst of serving a five year prison bid, God revealed to me a gift of writing.  Often times writing in the dark, overcoming all the negativity that surrounded me and staying focused was extremely tough to do.
Q: When did you come to the conclusion of making “The Holy City” a series?
A: As I began to write my imagination and creativity took over the pen while recalling key childhood events, memories, and tragedies.  I knew the movie that played in my head for years couldn’t be subject to just one novel.
Q: How can your book be portrayed in a positive light in regards to crime, gangs, and drugs in poverty-stricken communities?
A: Although “The Holy City” refers to one of the high crime area’s of the city, my goal is to bring forth awareness to the new generation about the dangers that the gritty streets hold if they take the path of gangs, violence, or any other crimes just to make a quick buck.  I know it may sound clich`e but really their are only two ways out and we all know that’s death or prison.
Q: Do you see your novel becoming a visual?
A: Most definitely.  To be honest my main objective was to write a movie but I really didn’t know how to construct a screenplay.  After completing my novel and having it self-published while in prison, I was eager to learn how to write a screenplay.  I eventually networked with a fellow inmate that had a book called “How to write screenplays that sell”.  It’s safe to say from that point on “The Holy City” the novel was adopted into a completed screenplay, which can either be a T.V series, web series, or an actual full length film.
Q: What’s next for Michael F. Blake?
A: Continuing book tours in several cities across the country promoting and selling my book while building awareness toward high crime communities across America.  In the near future I plan to start a non-for profit organization for troubled at-risk youths, to encourage and show them better opportunities outside of selling drugs and destroying their own community.  After “The Holy City” series is complete I plan to drop a compilation of short stories to expand my writing genre.
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About The Book
Imagine all your life you were surrounded by poverty…When a life changing proposition is imposed on Marcus Williams he reluctantly makes a decision that would forever change his life.  Leading into a life of blood mischief and crime, would his journey through the cold and gritty streets of Chicago end tragically?  Or would he beat the odds and prevail?  Experience these events at your own risk as you enter “The Holy City”.
“Marcus . . . Marcus! You don’t hear Momma back there callin’ you,” said Chris, his younger brother, as they both sat on the steps of their front porch enjoying a nice summer morning in June.“Huuuhhh!”Marcus responded to his mother’s calling as he snapped out of a trance “Boy, you know you heard me back here callin’ you!” Sylvia yelled as she stood at the back door in her famous all-black satin nightgown. “Get in here and take out this garbage!
           You know it’s too damn hot to be letting this trash pile up like that!” “A’ight, here I come!” Marcus replied, still not making a move toward the door. “Maaannnn, dat nigga gettin’ money,” Marcus said in a hushed tone while staring at Smitty glide down their street in his drop-top cocaine-white ‘79 El Dorado Cadillac with maroon leather interior, bangin’ Al Green’s “Love and Happiness” on his sound system that was so loud that you could actually hear him coming from three blocks away. Honk! Honk! was the sound of Smitty’s horn as he acknowledged the two brothers by throwing up the deuce.
         “Yeah, dat nigga kno’ who I am,” Marcus muttered out with confidence as he threw up the deuce while staring at Smitty slowly drive down their block. “What make you think he kno’ you, you ain’t nobody,” Chris sarcastically blurted out. “What! You seened how dat nigga looked ova’ here. He know wassup wit’ me.” “The only reason he looked this way ‘cause he know Daddy stay here,” Chris said as he began to ease off the porch onto the sidewalk.
“Remember, dats yo’ punk-ass daddy, not mine,” Marcus replied offensively.
“Ahhh! You mad‘cause don’t nobody know you, nigga!” Chris taunted in a teasingly fashion while heading in the direction of one of his friends’house two doors down. “A’ight, we gon’ see ‘who know who’ when I start gettin’ ‘dis
        “Don’t worry, dat ain’t gon’ happen no time soon,” said Chris as he continued to pick at his older brother. “Marcus!”Sylvia yelled harshly from out the house. “Okay, here I come!” Marcus quickly responded with a slight attitude
as he reached out for the door while looking back at Chris.
         On his dreadful walk into the house, Marcus was mumbling some pretty unpleasant words under his breath until his mother interrupted his train of thought. “How many times do I have to call yo’ name for you to get in here and do what the hell I told you to do!” Sylvia snapped as she stood in the kitchen with her hands resting on her hips.
         Even though Sylvia only stood about four foot ten, she demanded her respect from anyone that associated themselves with her, especially men. Sylvia was determined not to allow her kids to disrespect her, but at times, she would show a little leniency toward their smart remarks. “You should’ve asked dat nigga to do it,” Marcus mumbled under his breath while grabbing the bag out the trash can.
“What’chĂș say?”Sylvia asked vigorously after seeing movement come from his lips.

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