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D & K by Mariposa Urbana

About The Book
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Dyce is a Nuyo-Rican hustler who is on top of his game with his hands into a little bit of everything. He loves living the lifestyle and has no intention on slowing down but then he meets Kimori. Instantly he s drawn to this mysterious rose amongst thorns from the bricks of Jacksonville, NC. A passion fueled romance forms and there is no stopping Dyce and Kim. Thinking she has found the love she has always desired, reality settles in when Kim discovers Dyce life as a hustler. Sex, lies, and the ultimate deceit come along when Dyce s ex-partner decides it s now his time for a come up and he s going to take over all that Dyce has built. When Kimori and their newborn son are taken hostage a no holds barred war begins. Any and everybody has become a target to Dyce as he goes into an all-out destruction mode. The last battle for the throne of the east coast has begun. But once the dust settles will this be the final act to end Dyce and Kim forever?
“What the fuck is this, Dyce?” Kim stood with one hand on her hip and the other held out the baggie. Dyce was dumbfounded. What the hell is that doing in here?
“It’s cocaine baby.” He sat on the couch. It was no use in lying. Kim wasn’t stupid.
“Glad you didn’t lie about it. Why didn’t you tell me about this?” She had tears of anger in her eyes.
“Kimori, if I had told you, would you have ever fucked with me?”
“Hell no!” She tossed the bag on the table.
“Exactly! Mami, from the moment I saw you, I knew I wanted to be with you. So I had to lie to you.”
“Save it, Dyce! Do you not know or care that being with you is dangerous?”
“Kimori, please.” Dyce pleaded just as someone knocked on the door.
“Dyce, man open up!” Trey said with urgency.
“Man, now isn’t a good time.” Dyce opened the door to see his friend holding Kaila.
“They took mommy!” Kaila cried.
“What?” Dyce took his daughter.
“They got Lisa man, Duke took her.”
“I saw them take her. Mommy made me hide in the closet but I saw them.” Kaila clung onto her father.
Kim stood motionless as she watched. She felt so out of place amongst the chaos. Is this what my life is gonna be like from now on, she wondered.
“Mira baby, mira. Daddy’s going to get your mommy back okay? But for now you’re going to stay with Ms. Kim.” He pointed at Kim, who smiled despite feeling like she wanted to vomit. Dyce sat Kaila on the sofa then pulled Kim aside into the bedroom.
“Dyce what on earth-” She began.
“Mami look, shit is crazy right now, okay? Me and this guy been beefin’ for a minute. So you and Kaila are going to Wilmington for a bit okay?” He held her and stared into her eyes.             “Dyce I-” Kim burst into tears. All the drama was new and frightening to her. The last thing she wanted was to fall in love just for it to end over a kidnapped ex.
“Baby don’t cry. I’ll be okay and you will too. I love you, mami.”
Kim nearly lost it, that was the first time he said I love you.
“I love you, too. Make sure you come back to me okay?” Kim’s heart melted.
“Claro que si. Now get going mami.” He kissed her goodbye.

About The Author
Mariposa Urbana is an upcoming author and often refers to herself as “the mistress of the pen”. She has had a passion for writing since she could first pick up a pen and began writing poems and short stories at the age on nine. Once she began to take writing seriously she ‘became a new woman’ and the persona Mariposa Urbana was born. She chose the pen name Mariposa Urbana because “you can take a butterfly to Paris, Rome, or L.A. but at the end of the day it is still just a butterfly. Its surroundings may change but it never will. Besides being an author, wife and mother Mariposa is also a student in college pursuing an associate’s degree in Paralegal Studies.

Get to Know Mariposa:
Where did the inspiration for this story come from?
This story is like my baby because some things written in the story actually happened and its based on an old relationship of mine.
Being that this is such a personal story are there any people that you know and don’t want to read D&K?
Absolutely! First off ever since I found out it was picked up by Delphine I’ve been trying to convince my mother and grandmother NOT to buy it. They don’t listen though ha-ha. So I’m prepared for a lot of ‘rebuking’ once I go back home for a visit.
Does the man behind the story know that it is being written?
No he doesn’t. I actually found out that he suffered some sort of brain trauma so he wouldn’t remember me anyway sadly.
What was the hardest thing about writing this story for you?
I would have to say writing it even though I knew that I’d never see ‘him’ again was the hardest. So after a certain point in the story it was all fantasy, a ‘what could have been’ story.
What is something you want readers to take away from your story?
Be wise in all your choices and never become so wrapped up in one person that you forget to do you.
What was the writing process like for you?
When I write its like I’m in a completely different state of mind. I have to have on a playlist of music that matches the current scene that I’m writing so I can truly ‘feel’ what I’m writing. Then once I’ve got my mood/mind right I become whatever character I’m writing about so I can see the story through their eyes. I shut out from everything else for a while till I get out all my thoughts.
Will there be a D&K 2?
I’m not sure about that one. I was able to create D&K because I could really feel what I was writing. I was in that atmosphere then but now that I’m no longer there it’s really hard to get back up those feelings that first caused me to pen D&K the first time. I’m trying though because even I want to know what’s next for Dyce and Kim.
Find Mariposa:
Website/blog: WildAtMidnight.com

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