Thursday, July 4, 2013

Talk About It Thursday: Book of the Month

June Book of the Month

Libby was expecting her husband home from a canoe trip. When Greg doesn't return, Libby goes to the police who believes Greg just ran off needing a break from his family. Libby doesn't buy it and ask her father-in-law and best friend to help her search for her husband. Even though everything wasn't peachy king with Libby and Greg she knows he would have come home. Will Libby find her husband?

This was a nice mystery book with a hint of suspense. Readers will be able to get into Libby's mind and her feelings as she searches for her husband. The author does a wonderful job sharing the process in which Libby's feelings and behaviors start to change which made finding Greg more intense.

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Sweet Mercy by Ann Tatlock

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