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Uncovered Virtual Book Tour with Shenette Jones

About the Author 
PictureShenette Swann Jones is a native of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, but will always claim Memphis, Tennessee, as her second home. Coming from a family of talented singers and musicians, music has always played a first role in Shenette’s life, but writing would always remain her most treasured gift among her other talents. When Shenette wasn’t singing or choreographing a dance routine, she would escape to her many journals or poetry clubs, and eventually even a newspaper staff or two. From music to writing, her passion for life shines in every multifaceted direction she takes.
Today, Shenette is a motivational speaker, a community activist, an incredibly diverse vocalist, and a new novelist. The year 2010 saw Shenette’s first published work in “Home Again; Stories of Restored Relationships”, a heartwarming anthology by award winning author Wanda B. Campbell. Since then, Shenette has perfected her craft as a writer in order to produce her first novel, Uncovered. When she isn’t blogging, journaling, or creating another story, Shenette enjoys taking an aggressive stand in the community against domestic violence and sexual assault. She also advocates strongly for youth education rights and racial relations within her community.
After 13 years of marriage and two wonderful sons, Shenette is thoroughly excited to return to writing full-time and hopes to use her imagination as a tool of inner healing, self-reflection, and a great source of entertainment for others.

Q & A with Shenette Jones

How did you become a writer?
At the age of  7 my grandmother would ask me to crawl on to her bed to tell her a story.  It was something to look forward to, and I later turned my imagination into written short stories. I began to journal at the age of 8 and I still amazingly own every journal from the age of 11! Writing became my most treasured hobby. I joined writing clubs, newspaper staffs in schools, poetry groups, and theater productions of which I attempted my own plays as well. Later in my adult years, after reading an incredible Christian Fiction novel entitled Illusions by Wanda B. Campbell, I simply emailed her personally to share with her what an impact her story had made upon my heart. I thought it was brilliantly written and I quickly identified with her writing because it was realistic and not a watered down Christian fiction story. This was the way I vowed to myself to always keep my writing. To my surprise she returned an email rather quickly and I expressed  my desire to publish one day. After sharing my written work with her she encouraged me to continue with the words, "Your work should be in Print!" I was chosen to be one of her 8 writers in the Anthology, HOME AGAIN; STORIES OF RESTORED RELATIONSHIPS. I met incredible other authors from across the United States, and the experience was phenomenal. Today I celebrate the release of Uncovered which is the full novel to the work that was written as a short story in the anthology. I give credit to Wanda B. Campbell for giving the gift of time to mentor me and encourage me as an author. 
Where does your inspiration for your characters come from?
Uncovered is a story birthed from some of the various realistic struggles and triumphs I personally faced within my own marriage and the similar complaints and struggles I witnessed in several other Christian relationships. It’s a fictional storyline but each scenario has been pulled from realistic events that other Christian women have painfully confessed to. I thought that the common story of infidelity within the Christian home deserved to be told, especially with the powerful message of redemption attached at the end! I've met very similar people to each of my own characters and I like to fictionalize and create on top of something or someone real.
What are you hoping readers take from your book?
Uncovered was written to deliver one strong message to people from all different walks of life and various backgrounds. That message is simple. It's a message of forgiveness for others and forgiveness toward ourselves. Forgiveness has the power to close painful chapters of our lives. it also has the power to bloom new beautiful opportunities of love and healing.

If you were to write a book about a controversial topic, what would it be?
As a Christian Fiction writer, I'd love to write a book about the traditional Christian view of gay and lesbian people. I used to have a very strict opinion about the subject, an opinion that I'm ashamed of today. I want to write about the way we as Christians have the audacity to treat others upon knowing one simple thing about them. We form opinions and we desperately try to hide behind God's word instead of seeing others with God's heart. Controversy is something I absolutely love! So bring on hate mail!
Are you an avid or occasional reader? What is your favorite genre of books?
True confession, I am not an avid reader! I do read and I love to read an incredible love story from time to time, but I'm still a mother of small children and it requires a great deal of my time. Perhaps in the teen years, I'll do more cozy-ing up with incredible books. My favorite genre of books would have to be Romance, or self- help. 
What are two things you want your readers to know about you?
I want readers to know that I'll always vow to be personal and remain connected with each person who takes the time to read my work. I'd also like them to know that I write from my heart. Whatever I write includes my own tears first. Passion is a must for me in everything I do.
If you could interview one of your favorite authors, who would it be? Why?
William P. Young, author of  THE SHACK. I would beg him to share with me his secret to writing such a profound piece of work that captivates from start to finish. 
If you could make a movie out of one of your books, which one would it be?
I'd definitely like to see UNCOVERED on screen! 
What new projects are you working on?
I'm writing a book about one of the characters from Uncovered. I write a whimsical parenting blog weekly at
I’d also love to let readers know that I’m also a professional singer/performer with a musical background ranging from hip hop, jazz, blues, gospel and even classical. When I’m not writing, I’m performing or creating and writing music. I’d love for them to check out my music at or my reverb nation page. Under Shenette Jones to comment, like or share.
Where can readers find you?
             Facebook under Shenette Jones or Author Shenette Jones
             twitter under AuthorShenettej

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About the Book
After 5 years of marriage, Minister Stephanie Hall's patience wears thin with her husband's disinterest in sexual intimacy. With her desire for closeness and attention causing her faith to plummet, Stephanie fights an inner struggle of beauty and self-acceptance as her desperate need to be adored grows out of control...
Markus Hall wishes his past would go away, but the haunting events of his childhood years keep him distant from his wife Stephanie, and her constant requests for sex only push him away and remind him of the very things he’d rather forget. When his boss calls upon Markus to tutor his stunningly gorgeous daughter for her college classes, he can’t resist such a tempting offer, feeling needed and important each time the beautiful tutorial student looks into his eyes...
Suspecting that the relationship between her husband and the Indian beauty is more intimate than it seems, Stephanie decides to take matters into her own hands: weary with prayer, she abandons her faith and finds gratification in the arms of Matthew King, a church member’s husband...
With Markus and Stephanie's healing seemingly too far to reach, they both find themselves searching for anything that resembles true love; however, in the pursuit of their new passion, the troubled spouses soon find themselves uncovered in a bitter storm of infidelity. Will this God fearing couple return to their faith and mend their brokenness...?

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  1. Thank you so much, Teresa for taking the time to share UNCOVERED with other readers. I sure do appreciate your time and efforts! God bless!

    Shenette Jones

  2. Shenette,
    It was my pleasure. Uncovered is Authors & Readers Book Corner's January Book of the Month and I am enjoying reading it. I look forward to reading more of your works.