Thursday, January 17, 2013

Talk About It Thursday: Editors

Do You Have an Honest Editor?
Teresa Beasley

We all know that editing is an important part in producing and publishing a book. Finding an editor that connects with and understands the author’s writing style can take time. It is important that the author and editor work together to complete an enjoyable and salable book. How will the author know that he or she has hired the right editor? If the editor is an honest one that has the author’s best interest at heart and can provide samples of his or her work. In addition, the editor should be able to perform the following services:
v  Developmental
v  Substantive
v  Copyediting
v  Proofreading
How does an author know he or she has an honest editor? The editor will provide the author with a chapter-by-chapter analysis of his or her manuscript. The editor will not sugar coat the analysis but will prepare the author for the rewriting process. The editor will be very informative and explain to the author the different steps in completing rewrites. In being patient the author will create a sound manuscript that will turn into a salable book. Will the author’s feelings be hurt? Yes, but for good reason. The author must look at this process as a means of helping him or her hone their craft of writing.
I can truly say that I appreciate my editor, Joan Stanford of Jazzy Pen Communications ( Joan is an honest editor that doesn’t sugar coat her analysis because she wants her authors to succeed. She is an editor that any author would want on his or her journey.

*Just sharing my two cents, until next time.
 Teresa Beasley

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