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Book Review: Playing Dirty Little Mind Games

Playing Dirty Mind Games
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Playing Dirty Mind Games

Louise Payne

Publication Date: February 8, 2012

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Sydney Henderson is dealing with a warped sense of reality in Playing Dirty Mind Games by Louise Payne. Sydney has a personality disorder that landed her in a mental health clinic. After being released, Sydney's personalities are fighting to take over her life. Sydney is having a hard time controlling them and soon turns to destructive behavior.

Sydney's sister, Naomi has tried to help Sydney the best way she knows how and that is giving her a place to stay. Naomi is pregnant and does not want Sydney's mental condition to affect her life with her man, Judas. Judas is trying to make his mark in the drug game but his love for women seems to keep getting in the way. Naomi does not agree with his choice of profession, which becomes a problem in their relationship. Will Naomi and Judas keep it together? Will Sydney be able to stand on her own?

The mind can play tricks on you and this was not evident in Playing Dirty Mind Games. This was an interesting book to read, but I wanted to know more about Sydney. This character's disorder was not present enough in the storyline for me. The transitions in the story confused me at times and this made it hard to relate to the characters. I believe with professional editing this could be a good book.

Playing Dirty Mind Games was provided by the publisher for review purposes.

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