Monday, January 21, 2013

Author of the Week: Shawn Lytle

A&RBC: How did you become a writer?
Shawn: My love for writing stems from me being an introvert when I was younger. I was extremely shy growing up so to combat that I would use my written words to do the talking for me. I started out writing letters to girls I liked. I couldn’t find the courage to tell them how I felt so I dazzled them on paper. I found out during this exchange that my words evoked extreme emotions from the hearts of my readers. This led me into the world of poetry where I was able to write some of my deepest thoughts and emotions through poetic expression. After this, things snowballed into short story writing then later novel writing. 
A&RBC: Where does your inspiration for your characters come from?
Shawn: My inspiration for characters comes from everyday people. There is no one person alike and that’s what makes this world so great to live in. You can learn so much by meeting people and experiencing the ways different people deal with different situations. I tend to do more listening so I learn a lot about a person’s thought process. I do an inventory of the personalities I have crossed paths with then if one of their characteristics fit my character then I create the appropriate character.
 A&RBC: What are you hoping readers take from your book?
Shawn: I hope readers who read my book leave with a positive feeling about my writing style and my ability to create a strong storyline with believable characters. I’m dedicated to my craft so that means a lot to me. My book deals with many issues i.e. trust, death, and loyalty so there are things that could enhance what my readers are already aware of in life.        
A&RBC: If you were to write a book about a controversial topic, what would it be?
Shawn: Abortion would be a controversial topic that I would write a book about. I am pro-choice so I would love to reveal the struggles that women have when faced with this dilemma. It is not cut and dry as everyone thinks
A&RBC: Most writers have a process or method for writing their books, what is yours?
Shawn: My process for writing my books is I do a lot of brainstorming first to arrange my storyline in my head. It has to have some cohesiveness in my mind. This saves me a lot of time. Once I figure out the storyline then I begin naming my chapters. After I have my storyline and all my chapter names then I begin typing on the computer.  

A&RBC: What is your favorite genre of books?
Shawn: I don’t have a favorite genre of books because read any and everything. In order to be a great writer you must be well read and versatile.
A&RBC: Are you an avid or occasional reader?
Shawn: I’m an avid reader. You must be well read to learn the nuances of the written word.
A&RBC: What are two things you want your readers to know about you?
Shawn: I want my readers to know that I am a loving person who is blessed to be still living.
A&RBC: If you could interview one of your favorite authors, who would it be? Why?
Shawn: I would want to interview Eric Jerome Dickey because I love his style of writing; especially his Gideon series. His locale descriptions and character development is second to none.
A&RBC: What is or was your dream job?
Shawn: My dream job is doing what I’m doing now which is writing books and receiving positive feedback from my readers. It’s the best job in the world for me. I’m doing something I always had a love for.
A&RBC: What new projects are you working on?
Shawn:  I am currently working on my sequel to my novel Shakedown: The Church Street District which was released in September of this year. My next book will be entitled Shakedown 2: Method of Operation and it will be released in January 2013.
A&RBC: Where can readers find you?
Shawn: Readers can find me at
Books are available at: and Barnes and Noble.
Book website for Shakedown: The Church Street District is

About The Book
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After surviving the floods of Hurricane Katrina, Tony’s move to Orlando, Florida appeared to be heaven sent. He was able to open up one of the hottest night clubs in the downtown’s Church Street District. Club Metropolis became the talk of the town and the success it garnered put Tony in the spotlight. Tony reveled in his new found success but his happiness was short lived when he was approached by a mysterious man who gave him an ultimatum. The man told Tony he could either pay him so his club could continue to conduct business in The Church Street District or he could refuse and come up missing. Tony refused the man’s offer without giving it a second thought. The next night, one of his club’s bouncers was brutally murdered in an abandoned warehouse. The murder was a clear attempt to intimidate and force an agreement but Tony did not bulge. Instead of backing down, he recruited his cousin and prepared for war.

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