Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Book Spotlight: Don't Tell A Soul

About the book

Don’t Tell a Soul, is the sequel to What a Sista Should Do

Remember Pam, Taylor and Yvonne?  Well, they’re back with a whole new set of Sister to Sister issues.  Pam’s husband, Troy, still has his mind on his money, and his money on his mind – except that he’s blown almost all of the millions he made eight years ago.  Now, Pam is chasing her book writing dreams and Troy’s recklessness is getting old.  Pam thinks she can deal with it all, though, until a secret from Troy’s past comes back with a vengeance.  Will Troy’s new friend Logan (who looks like Idris Elba) be greener pastures for Pam?  Sounds like we need to pray for her. 

Yvonne has been single for eight years, happily so, but now choir director Kingston is determined to woo her.  Yvonne doesn’t know HOW to be wooed, and for some reason she keeps thinking of her abusive ex- Luke.  What’s her problem?  Will she let go and let God in the area of romance?  She’s also got a new friend, an ex-adult film star named Eva…except Yvonne doesn’t know this girl’s past until they’re in a compromising situation.  Has Yvonne truly been delivered from her judgemental spirit? 

Taylor is living the dream – her happily ever after!  She’s married to Spencer (y’all remember Spencer), and providing advice to other women.  So, why is her son Joshua showing his behind?  His anger management problems, at age 11, have got him expelled from school, and now he wants to connect with his ex-convict, no child support paying, biological father.  Should Taylor let Luke back into their lives?  He’s claiming a change, even has his own church…Yep, let’s put Taylor on the prayer list too.

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About The Author

Tiffany L. Warren is a techie during the day, a mother and wife in the evening and an author all the time. She started writing at the age of 14 and now has over 15 titles under her belt. Evening though the publishing industry is still new to her she is definitely making her mark.

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