Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Book Review: Dripping Chocolate

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Dripping Chocolate

Keith Thomas Walker

Publication Date: November 6, 2012

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Nicole's choices in men has gotten her into trouble in Dripping Chocolate by Keith Thomas Walker. Nicole's boyfriend Byron can't take no for an answer. Nicole understands that ending their relationship was the best thing she could have done, but Bryon is not taking the break up well. After her ordeal with Byron, Nicole has given up on finding love until her friends throw her a birthday party at a strip club.

Charles has recently gotten out of jail after doing a four year bid and he is determined to change his ways. Charles takes a job at a local strip club to make ends meet and on his first night dances for a woman he can't stop thinking about. After running into Nicole at a store, Charles recognizes the attraction between the two of them and decides to act on it. Charles is happy that Nicole feels the same way and the two start dating. Charles has baggage but so does Nicole. However, Charles believes they can make the relationship work.

Nicole's friends start fussing with her about dating a stripper and this soon stumbles into Nicole's relationship. Having thought it would not be a problem in the beginning has started to bug Nicole as their relationship progresses. On the other hand, Nicole's ex-boyfriends also starts to cause the couple problems. Will Nicole and Charles be able to work through their obstacles?

This author seems to amaze me with every book that he writes. Dripping Chocolate was not only a love story but also a suspense thriller. The twists in the story caught me by surprise but also made me want to find out what the characters would do next. The author created some colorful characters that go through everyday problems but bring life to the storyline that will capture readers attention until the end. I definitely recommend Dripping Chocolate to others.

Dripping Chocolate was provided by the author for review purposes.

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