Friday, March 11, 2011

Double Feature Book Review: Diamond Collection

Book One: Diamonds In The Rough
5 Stars
In book one of the Diamond Series, Diamonds in the Rough, by Vogue, readers are introduced to Carmen Davenport. Carmen is a young college student working in her mother’s clothing store, Flame, Inc, in hopes of becoming a fashion designer and entrepreneur. Carmen’s mother soon turns the day-to-day operations of the store of Flame, Inc over to Carmen allowing her dreams to come true.
On a lunch date, Carmen and Tiara, her best friend meet Jay Santiago and his right hand man, Carlos. After meeting Jay, Carmen cannot ignore the attraction she has for him.
Jay Santiago is a well known drug lord within the community. When Jay first meets Carmen, he knows they are destined to be together. When one of his rivals approaches Carmen at a block party, Jay feels an instant urge to protect her, thus their relationship begins. After dating for awhile, Jay starts to see a different side of Carmen that has a sudden impact on their relationship.
Carlos grows tired of being Jay’s second-in-command and wants to branch out on his own. Carlos sets up some deals on the side. A large deal comes up that will grant Carlos a large amount of money, however he realizes he will not be able to seal the deal without a partner. Carlos comes up with the ultimate plan enlisting the help of an unsuspected candidate.
Diamonds in the Rough is a story of deception and betrayal. The author put a different twist to telling this story of the drug game. Diamond in the Rough has well-developed characters that had me on pins and needles anticipating what would happen next. The author convinced me to follow the juicy details of the tangled webs and disloyalty she created within the pages of this book. I recommend Diamonds in the Rough to those who enjoy urban stories.
Book Two: Diamonds Are Forever


5 Stars

In book two of the Diamond series, Diamonds are Forever, by Vogue, the story picks up where Diamonds in the Rough left off. Carmen Davenport is pregnant and a maximum prison inmate awaiting her day of freedom. Jay Santiago is in prison contemplating ways to re-enter the world, as he knew it. Both of their lives have changed. In Diamonds are Forever, individuals’ true colors come out and things are definitely not as they seem.

Tiara has been holding down Flame, Inc, since her best friend’s imprisonment. The business is doing well and Tiara is ready to hand over operations to Carmen. Tiara is also ready to settle down; longing to have a family. Tiara believes the secret man in her life may be able to grant her wish.

Carmen is out of prison, married with two children and running her successful clothing business. The past seems to be behind her until she finds out that her ex-boyfriend, Jay, is out of prison as well. Carmen has become accustomed to her lifestyle and she knows if Jay comes back around trouble will soon follow. On the other hand, Carmen has her own agenda that just might put a damper on everyone’s plans.  

Jay is relieved that he received an early release from prison. He has one mission--to rebuild his empire and have a relationship with his son. Jay has the help of his friend, Malik, to reclaim his spot on top. Jay believes he has all bases covered, except times have changed and he will soon learn he is the one that has to adjust.

Diamonds are Forever is about betrayal and deceit. The main characters are very vindictive, which brings life to the storyline. Readers will see the true colors of these characters while deciding on which to love or hate.  The author has once again written a book that will captivate readers.  I recommend Diamonds are Forever to urban readers who love drama and suspense.

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  1. oohh, love it. nice review. nope haven't heard of this author, but i see her now and on my list she goes.