Sunday, March 6, 2011

Book Spotlight: No Strings Attached

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About the Book

What happens when you find The One, but you’re just not ready?

Jasmine Taylor doesn’t have the time or the inclination to settle down. Not since her longtime boyfriend Nicco betrayed her and married another woman. She’s a successful entrepreneur who knows how to take care of herself, and she relies on several sizzling lovers to satisfy her most arousing needs.The arrangement seems perfect, except for one irresistible detail: Sean Williams, the only man Jasmine can’t take her mind off. A handsome music producer, Sean has a private jet, fancy condos, and a different girl in every city. So why does he keep coming back to smart, beautiful Jasmine? When she confesses her love one passionate night—a surprise to them both—he realizes he’s met his match.Neither is prepared to give up the no-strings-attached lifestyle, but when Sean finds out Nicco wants Jasmine back, he loses his cool—and lets her go in the process. The only way Sean can win Jasmine’s heart is by dropping the playboy act and making a commitment . . . but will she be ready to trust him? Fun, sexy, and touching, Karyn Grice’s No Strings Attached is an undeniably romantic tale that makes Mr. Right work for the woman of his dreams.


What looks good to you is not always good for you. This message is clear in No Strings Attached by Karyn Grice, which tells the story of Jasmine Taylor, a car dealership owner whose choice in men is up for questioning. Jasmine just wants to have fun and she is not looking for a commitment since Nicco, her ex-boyfriend, broke her heart.

Jasmine goes on several dates to keep her needs met. She loves the no strings attached arrangement and it seems to work well for her until she meets Sean Williams, an irresistible music producer, who has Jasmine rethinking her plans. Jasmine cannot get him off her mind and soon realizes that she is falling in love with him.

Sean is a successful businessman, who has women throwing themselves at him. He meets Jasmine and the connection is unmistakable. Sean wants her for his self but has one obstacle in his way- Jasmine's ex-boyfriend. It seems when everything is going well for Sean and Jasmine, Nicco has a way of showing up to run interference. Will Sean's passion become an obsession? Or will he give up on their relationship?

Nicco is the ex-boyfriend that will not let go. He cannot accept that Jasmine has moved on with her life. Nicco tries everything he can to get her to come back to him. He makes a point to be available when she needs someone, sends her gifts, and shows up unexpectedly at her place of business. When all his efforts backfire, he must go to plan B. Will he succeed? Or will Jasmine close the door in his face for good?

No Strings Attached is a story of making decisions and letting go. The main character believes she has her situation figured out but the many distractions knock her off her feet. This book was entertaining with well-developed characters. The few twists were positioned just right in the story even though the ending was predictable. I recommend the book to others.

Reviewed by Teresa Beasley
A&RBC Rating: 4

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