Friday, March 11, 2011

Book Spotlight: Sweet Little Lies

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About The Book

Christina Brinsley is that girl.
You know the one: a little bougie, a little opinionated, knows it all, has it all, and is a total perfectionist. But Christina’s perfectly crafted world isn’t really so perfect. Her third
engagement fizzled three days before the wedding, her family expects her to solve their
problems, and her friend s are more than a little bit out of control. To keep it all together, she dedicates herself to her work, because it’s the one thing that won’t let her down. But when her latest assignment leads her to sizzling hot professor Steven Williams, the one man who sees through her efforts to outsmart and outmaneuver her way through every situation, Christina can’t believe she’s falling for a man who may be a key player in the scandal she’s investigating....


I have never witnessed a character transform like the one in Sweet Little Lies by Michele Grant. Christina Brinsley has had her share of unfulfilling relationships, but after her third engagement fails she starts guarding her heart with fists of steel. Oh, it does not help that she is an opinionated perfectionist that has to be right about everything. While putting her last fiancée out, her deliveryman happens to come to her rescue. This chance meeting starts the evolution of Christina as she embarks on a roller coaster ride of shear enjoyment and rude awakenings.

Steven Williams happens to be at the wrong place at the right time. Steven comes to the rescue of a beautiful woman in a sticky situation while delivering her packages. The instant attraction between the two is hard to ignore causing Steven to put his best foot forward. It is a thin line between love and being miserable and Christina will soon find out that love does not wait forever. Will Christina finally give into her knight in shining armor?

Sweet Little Lies is a story about a woman that cannot fully recognize her faults. The main character is so used to being in control and helping others that to admit she has her own problems would be way out of the norm. The author provides readers a glimpse of a woman learning to open her heart to possibilities. I really enjoyed this book and the emotions that it made me feel. It definitely provided me with the drama and suspense that I hoped it would. I recommend this book to others.

Reviewed by Teresa Beasley
A&RBC Rating: 5 Stars

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