Thursday, March 24, 2011

Book Spotlight: Crossroads

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What's a girl to do when she comes to a crossroads in life? Amaryllis Price is back and she's trying to stay saved. Once a gold-digger, husband stealer and a master manipulator, Amaryllis had vowed to change her life and walk on straight street. But when a handsome ex-boyfriend, Charles Walker, emerges from her past and sets out to rekindle the hot and steamy times they shared between the sheets, Amaryllis is faced with a decision. Will Amaryllis send Charles packing or will she give in to temptation and allow him to take her down memory lane?

Bridgette Nelson, Amaryllis' best friend and roommate, had also made a change for the better. Bridgette, once known for her hot tongue, never had a problem getting folks told and putting them in their place. Bridgette is up for a promotion but when she curses the nephew of the CEO at the law firm she works for, Bridgette must take an anger management class to secure the job. Unwilling to cooperate, Bridgette stands to lose everything that's dear to her.

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