Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Business of the Week: Corporate Mom Drop Outs

A&RBC: Who is Corporate Mom Dropouts?
CMD: Corporate Mom Drop Outs is a book, a blog and a life style of a woman who has children and decides to take control over her family, profession and her life.

A&RBC: What services do you provide?
CMD: We provide workshops and courses that support women in business build sustainable business models with a hugh emphasis on unique marketing through our MBA program called Mommy Biz Academy. We offer coaching and mastermind groups for each program accountability and peer support.

A&RBC: Why should Authors and  Readers choose your company?
CMD: They should read the book to hear the success tips of over 20 highly succcesful women who have left their jobs to pursue their passion. They are living the lifestyle they love and they will help any reader shorten their learning curve and avoid common mistakes before, after and during the birthing cycle of business. They should choose my company because we are the only coaching and consulting company that provides a 9 Pillar mix that helps each business owner shift their mindset, set themselves apart from the marketplace, and supports them in standing in their power they already possess.

A&RBC: What advice (relative to your area of business) can you give to aspiring authors?
CMD: In my opinion everyone is an author, everyone has a story to tell, whether its fiction or nonfiction. One thing that I think is important for each author to take into consideration is that their story, their book is just the beginning. It is important to brand their book, brand their story and use it as a tool to open doors to creating a legacy and contributing to history. Having a book is just the start; turn the word of their book in life. For example: workshops, seminars, keynotes, series, and trainings. Put the words into action.

A&RBC: What is your contact and location information?
CMD: I am located in Westchester, NY. I can be reached online at and, they can always connect with me on Facebook at Lucinda Cross and connect with the book community at Corporatemomdropouts, Twitter@lucindaspeaks or @corpmomdropouts

A&RBC: Who is your direct contact representative?
CMD: My direct contact is Iris Roman at 919-410-4329 or

A&RBC: We appreciate you taking the time out to chat with us.
CMD: Thank you for inviting me.

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