Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Author of the Week: Nikita Lynnette Nichols

A&RBC: How did you become a writer?
Nikita: That's a good question. I get asked this question often. I graduated high school with a "C" average and I don't have any college experience at all. I've never taken a literary class nor was I taught how to write a book. So, whenever I'm asked how I became a writer, I simply tell the truth, "It was by the grace of God".

A&RBC: What are you hoping readers take from your book?
Nikita: Most of my books are inspirational. My characters face real life issues and struggles but they always overcome by the last chapter. So, I guess what I want readers to take from my books is the fact that life is what you make it. I believe that most battles can be chosen. If you don't necessarily have to fight, then don't. But when a war arises, stay strong, stay true to yourself and you'll always triumph.

A&RBC: Who is the hero in your life? How does your hero inspire you?
Nikita: I would have to say that my father is, and always have been, my hero. Ever since I was a little girl, he made me to believe that there was no problem he couldn't solve. Over the years I've lost count on how many frantic situations he's gotten me out of. I turned 40 this year and it's a blessing to know that no matter what I need, I can pick up the telephone, dial a number and say, "Daddy, I need....", and he'll walk through hell or swim through high waters to get to me.

A&RBC: What are two things you want your readers to know about you?
Nikita: I want my readers to know that I'm approachable and friendly. I always respond. it may take me a few days to get through all of the messages but I always make it a point to let my fans know that I love them and I appreciate them and don't take them for granted. Some days, I go back and forth on e-mail with readers simply chatting about nothing.

A&RBC: What are your favorite marketing and/or promotional tools?
Nikita: My publicist rocks. She is dynamite when it comes to keeping me on the best seller's list. She works tirelessly. Arranging booksignings, tour dates and interviews, creating book trailers, newsletters, and updating my website is just a fraction of what she does. But because I have the absolute best fans in this entire world, my books sell by 'word-of-mouth'. When a reader is satisfied with an author's work, they tell someone and then that person tells someone else, and then I get messages from readers saying that my book was referred to them. That's the blessing that I receive everyday. Over 5, 000 copies of "A Woman's Worth" sold between January and June of this year (2010) simply because my readers love me.

A&RBC: What is one thing you have learned about the publishing industry?
Nikita: That you must have an awesome editor to critique your work before it's submitted for publication. It's sad that so many great manuscripts get rejected simply because too many words are either misspelled or misplaced. I had to learn that.

A&RBC: What advice would you give to an aspiring author?
Nikita: Have patience, patience, and more patience. It's a dog eat dog world in the publishing business. I always say that everybody has a story to tell. You must believe in your work and keep trying, no matter how many rejection letters come. Don't give up. Eventually, that book deal will happen.

A&RBC: Who was the first author you read? What was the title of the book?
Nikita: I don't recall the first book I've read.

A&RBC: Tell us what new projects you are working on.
Nikita: My novel, "Crossroads", releases on February 1, 2011. But I'm excited to announce my first online book "Damsels In Distress" coming in August 2011. It can only be purchased from my website. I am currently putting the finishing touches on "Lady Elect", the 2nd online book, "Heartbreak Reputation", releases in November 2012. And then there is "Pretty Little Liar", and the 4th installment of the "A Man's Worth" series, coming in 2013. So, I'm busy, busy, busy.

A&RBC: Where can your readers find you?
Nikita: I'm all over the place. My e-mail address is kitawrites@comcast.net. My website address is  www.nikitalynnettenichols.com. My blogsite is http://nikitalynnettenichols.blogspot.com I'm also on Facebook and can be followed on Twitter.

A&RBC: Authors & Readers Book Corner appreciates your time!
Nikita: Thanks for having me.

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  1. Great to see you hear Nikita. Thank you Teresa for hosting one of the outstanding, talented and gifted UC Authors on your site. We are delighted and appreciative for all those who take the time to read out books! I know you know by now what a great author Nikita is. I am proud that she is one of my label mates. Thank you again and again. Best of blessings to you too, Nikita!