Thursday, February 17, 2011

Business of the Week: Full Circle Designs

A&RBC: Who is Full Circle Design?
FCD: We are the engine that is driving new growth for a lot of small to mid-sized businesses in Indianapolis. We're nimble, creative, dependable, and most of all affordable. We're more interested in simple communications, fresh ideas, and good business sense. We love what we do and we're good at it.

A&RBC: What services do you provide?
FCD: We offer the followign services: website design, custom designed business cards, flyers and e-flyers, logos, posters, book covers, magazine layouts, and so much more.

A&RBC: Why should authors or readers choose your company?
FCD: You should choose our company because you won't hear us using a lot of business jargon. We translate design-babble into simple terms that will make it clear to what is going on, what your options are, and the cosst of your service.

A&RBC: What advice (relative to your are of business) can you give to aspiring authors?
FCD: Relative to our business, we inspire authors to make sure that when they are presenting their book to the consumer that the graphics are up to par and is professionally done. A potential buyer of your book looks at the cover first to see if they are even interested in the book. So you have to make sure within the first few seconds that you grab the potential buyers attention right off the bat with a professionally designed book cover.

A&RBC: What is your contact and location information?
FCD: Full Circle Designs
          P.O. Box 88495
          Indianapolis, IN 46208

A&RBC: Who is your direct contact representative?
FCD: Shaletta Fuqua, Project Manager

A&RBC: Authors & Readers Book Corner appreciates your time!
FCD: Thanks for the opportunity.

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