Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Book Review: Keeper of My Soul

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About the Book
Keithe, a forty-year-old lawyer out of Houston, constantly feels neglected by a wife who has stepped out on him more than once during their fifteen-year marriage. Playing with the possibility of seeking new love, Keithe never expected his wife to be in the midst of his secret, one he doesn’t even know about.

Michelle is ready to fight for what is hers when her own cheating instincts make her suspicious of Keithe’s intentions. Finding her way into her husband’s affairs, Michelle is left to realize that her own betrayals are much deeper than she would care to believe. Keeper of My Soul is a powerful story about righting wrongs and finding peace in the soul.

We have all heard the saying, "A person is a product of their environment." The meaning of this saying goes over and beyond in this new installment by Keisha Dawn. Keeper of My Soul is an intriguing story of a woman running from her past and being hit head on by her future. Michelle Morgan is a state judge with a doting husband and an attitude that needs a lot of work. Keithe Morgan is trying his best to stay in his marriage even though it is one-sided. Keithe meets Stoney through Mike, a mutual friend and soon finds out information about his wife that will force him to either stay or jump off the bandwagon.

Stoney Hart is a young woman trying to rid herself of experiences, while fighting to find the mother she never knew. Her goals, festered by unhealthy habits, just might destroy everything she has ever wanted. After starting her investigation to find her long-lost mother, Stoney will find that her emotions and expectations of her future will be more than she could have hoped for.

Keisha Dawn has once again written a story that needed to be told. Her ability to capture readers into the hearts and minds of her characters is unbelievable. The emotions, experiences, and passion within the story are those that readers can relate to in their own lives. Keeper of my Soul touches base on mental instability in a way that will allow readers to have a clear understanding that this could happen to them or someone they love. The book did contain several editing issues, which caused the lower rating. However, I still recommend this book to others.

Reviewed by Teresa Beasley
A&RBC Rating: 3.5

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