Thursday, February 3, 2011

Book Spotlight: We Ain't The Brontes

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About The Book

The relationship between Charity Evans and her sister Lynzee Lavender brings new meaning to the term “sibling rivalry.” Lynzee writes science fiction, and her New York Times bestseller status gets her into A-list parties and fattens her bank account. She can’t stand the fact that Charity is a published author too, though she swears that Charity is nowhere near as good.

It seems like the publishing industry might agree, because Charity is having trouble getting her contract renewed. Is it possible that Lynzee has had her blacklisted? With her savings dwindling, Charity struggles to pay her bills, and the pressure is putting incredible strain on her marriage. Things only get worse when Lynzee drops a bomb: she reveals that Charity’s husband is the father of a child she gave up for adoption years ago.

Charity’s life goes into a tailspin as she struggles with the shocking news. Should she tell her husband about the child he never knew he had, or would that be more drama than their already fragile marriage can handle? Charity chooses to fight back against her sister in a very creative way, but the fallout from all this drama might leave plenty of casualties in its wake.

About the Author

Rosalyn McMillan is the well-known author of Knowing, The Flip Side of Sin, Blue Collar Blues, One Better, and This Side of Eternity. Rosalyn is a devoted wife and mother.  Rosalyn is so passionate about her career that her ideas flow freely and naturally. She is also lives by the motto " I Fly with My Own Wings. To learn more about her please visit her website at

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