Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Author of the Week: Marilynn Griffith

A&RBC: How did you become a writer?
Marilynn: I think I've always been a writer, I just didn't realize it. I started seriously pursuing publication in 2001.

A&RBC: What are you hoping readers take from your book?
Marilynn: When people read SistahFaith, I pray that they take away courage, hope, and healing.

A&RBC: Who is the hero in your life? How does your hero inspire you?
Marilynn: Jesus in my hero, of course, but I would have to say my husband. He inspires me by his determination and steadfastness.

A&RBC: Name three goals you want to accomplish as a writer within the next 4 years.
Marilynn: In the next 4 years, I'd like to try a new genre, collaborate with my writer friends and grow as a writer and reader.

A&RBC: What are your favorite marketing and/or promotional tools?
Marilynn: My favorite marketing tools these days are Facebook, Twitter, and other online social tools like Ning. I did a lot of blogging in the beginning as well.

A&RBC: What is one thing you have learned about the publishing industry?
Marilynn: The one thing I've learned about the publishing industry is that it is a slow business that requires a lot of patience.

A&RBC: What advice would you give to an aspiring author?
Marilynn: Read and write as much as you can. Get feedback (from someone besides your friends and relatives). Read books. Go to conferences. Enter contests. Mainly, be developing a unique voice and tell your tales.

A&RBC: Who was the first author you read? What was the title of the book?
Marilynn: The first book I read was To Tink that I saw it on Mulberry Street (I think that is right) by Dr. Suess.

A&RBC: Tell us what new projects you are working on?
Marilynn: I have a few new projects that I'm working on. One of them is a follow up to Rhythms of Grace and Songs of Deliverance.

A&RBC: Where can your readers find you?
Marilynn: Readers can find me on Facebook or at SistahFaith.com

A&RBC: Thank you for taking the time out for this interview. Authors & Readers Book Corner appreciates your time!
Marilynn: I appreciate your time as well. Thanks for having me!


  1. Very informed interview. Does mrs. griffin also belong to sistafaith?

  2. Thank you for stopping by and to answer your question. Yes, Mrs.Griffith does belong to SistaFaith and is over the website. Please visit the website by clicking on the link above when you have time.