Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Book Review

Livin' Ain't Easy
Peron Long
4 Stars
In Livin Ain’t Easy, readers meet Devlin Carter; a former teacher turned businessperson whose love life is undesirable.  Leslie, his ex-girlfriend marries another man but cannot stop coming back for extra curriculum activities. Will Devlin break the tie that binds them?
Simone Jackson is a well-known television talk show host who is struggling with her life and sexuality. She is also stubborn and hard of hearing especially when told the truth. Simone’s past will soon affect her future, will see be able to make things right?
Devlin and Simone happen to meet under unusual circumstances, which spark a love they both cannot deny. The couple will face some unexpected obstacles and will be able to conquer them as long as they fight them together.
Livin Ain’t Easy is a well-developed novel of suspense. It is a page-turner with a hidden meaning and fulfilling characters. I look forward to reading another installment from this author. I recommend this book to readers who believe in second chances.
Reviewed by Teresa Beasley

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