Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Book Spotlight: The Gold Digger's Club

About The Book
As they begin to realize their dreams, three dynamic women walk a thin line between right and wrong only to learn that one wrong decision can cause everything to fall apart.
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The Golddigger’s Club follows three friends—Monica Hatcher, the wife of a popular NFL player; Deidre (Dee) Wright, the outspoken fashion stylist; and Stephanie Robinson, the unmotivated video girl. They want success, money, and status, and they get it the best way they know how: through the men in their lives.
In the beginning, all their sneaking, lying, and manipulating pays off: Monica, who wants her own public relations firm, secures her first client; Dee finds funding to start her own fashion magazine; and Stephanie sinks her claws into the man of her dreams—a suave R&B singer. But after dirty lies and old secrets come to light, the women’s newfound happiness comes close to falling apart.

About The Author
Jaye Cherie is editor and publisher of Entertainment Wire, an online entertainment medium devoted to news, reviews, and interviews. She has photographed, interviewed, and written articles on entertainers and personalities, such as TLC member and reality show star Chilli, singer Eric Benet, and CSI: New York actor Hill Harper. Jaye resides in Jacksonville, Florida. Visit her at, or

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  1. Hello, how are you? so My cousin and I are very intersted in reading this book, mainly because when we were told about it, we were told her name was in it... the charater (dee), happens to have the same name as my cousin.. wow cant wait to find out if they are anything like one another...Be Blessed...