Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Book Review: Couples Therapy

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Couples Therapy
Michelle Larks
4 Stars

At Christian Fellowship Church couples are struggling with issues beyond their control in Couples Therapy by Michelle Larks. Four couples agree to attend couples therapy, a new program at the church. While attending therapy these couples find out their strengths and weaknesses.
Meesha Morrison has a hidden agenda and it is getting her husband, Edward, to join in the therapy she has already committed them to. Meesha is determine to save her marriage but Edward has other plans.
Kenneth and Beverly Howard are at odds over their son Amir. Beverly’s constant condoling of Amir has caused a rift in her marriage. When Amir is arrested after a major event, Beverly has no choice but to open her eyes and see her situation for what it truly is.
Julia is having trouble accepting her new Caucasian daughter-in-law. Douglas is trying his best to help his wife through this time as well as being there for his son, Brandon, and daughter-in-law Erin. Julia and Douglas agree to join the couples therapy at their church to help them adjust to the new changes in their life.
Brandon and Erin Freeman is a young newlywed couple expecting their first child. It has been hard for the couple to adjust to being married while living in Brandon’s parent’s basement. Erin is trying her best to get her mother-in-law to like her to no avail. Erin becomes ill and has to be rushed to the hospital. The birth of this child will change the Freeman’s life forever.
Couples therapy is about family, forgiveness, and faith. We can do all things through Christ and these four couples faith will be tested. The author does a wonderful job including issues and problems married couples are dealing with every day. This will help readers relate to the characters and will have them feeling every emotion these couples go through. After reading Couples Therapy, I am so glad my husband and I attending therapy before we got married to prevent ending in therapy after being married. Once again, Michelle Larks has written a compelling book that many can appreciate. I recommend this book to others.
Teresa Beasley
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