Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Book Spotlight: Grand Hustle

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About the Book

Jessica N. Watkins takes us on a passion-filled ride as she returns with the sixth volume of the infamous Femistry novels, Grand Hustle- I shall not want. In this raunchy romantic soap opera–style tale of promiscuity and corruption, Jessica continues the saga of the leading ladies of Femistry with the usual humor, drama, and romance- Yet with an ending that will leave you breathless. The only thing on nineteen-year-old Star Anderson’s mind is taking care of her son by any means necessary. However, by means of breaking her back at a minimum wage nine-to-five is not an option. Therefore, she follows in the footsteps of her good friend, Roxie, down a path of scams, escorting, and set ups. Though this path seems to be paved with fast and easy money, tragedy strikes when plans become messy.
Star’s big sister, Tricey, attempts to clean up Star’s mess while fighting with her new beau. He suddenly wants her to skip town with him with no explanation. Though she is deeply concerned about her boyfriend wanting to abruptly leave, Tricey is so focused on rescuing Star that being a love sick puppy and following him out of state is not an option.
However, Lyric doesn’t mind being love sick. She and her boyfriend, James, are knee-deep in love and in the “lifestyle”. As members of Black Swinger’s Club, James and Lyric’s relationship is full of excitement, raunchiness, and spontaneity. Yet, once James settles into the lifestyle and presents Lyric with an ultimatum, she is forced to decide how knee-deep in love and the lifestyle she is willing to be. While Lyric contemplates allowing her heart to make her decision instead of her mind, Tricey’s anger and bitterness drives her to secretly stalk her boyfriend, leading to a revelation of hidden deception and the biggest shock of the Femistry series.
About the Author

Jessica N. Watkins has been an author of fiction literature since the young age of nine. She used writing as an outlet during her freshmen year of high school as a single parent: “In the third grade I entered a short story contest with a fiction tale of an apple tree that refused to grow despite the efforts of the darling main character. My writing evolved from apple trees to my seventh and eighth grade classmates paying me to read novels I wrote about kids our age living the lives our parents wouldn’t dare let us”. At the age of twenty-nine, Watkins’ chronicles have matured into steamy, humorous, and realistic tales of women’s fiction. She hopes that the Femistry series will successfully emulate ideal femininity while tackling stereotypes, familiar heartache, and relatable distress in a humorous and sophisticated fashion.
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