Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Book Review: Fear, Faith & Patience

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Fear, Faith & Patience

Felecia Killings

4 Stars

When a person is passionate about their purpose in life it is hard for anyone or anything to keep them from achieving it. This is the case in Fear, Faith & Patience by Felecia Killings. It is rare to find a teacher who takes pride in her work and believes in taking a stand for her students. Fear, Faith & Patience introduces readers to one such teacher, Felecia Killings a woman who will go over and beyond for the well-being of her students.
Felecia fought a school system that ignored racial behavior and demeaning acts and disciplined certain students unfairly. Felecia, with the help of God, spoke out to the highest level to fulfill the purpose set out for her. This book provides readers with a glimpse into the struggle one woman takes in order to have all students treated equally.
Fear, Faith & Patience is an eye opening book and a testimony to fighting for what is right. It is about education and making sure no one person is above another. Everyone deserves to receive their education in an environment that is not racial and violent. This book has me looking at school systems in a different manner. I applaud the author for sharing her story and being a spokesperson for students.  I look forward to the next installment in this three book series. I recommend this book to others.
Teresa Beasley
A&RBC Reviews

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