Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday Suggestions: Deranged & Deranged 2

About the Book

Hell bent on upping her body count,  Nikki takes Nicole on a psychotic rampage against her will. After a life full of  devastation, crazy thoughts invade Nicole's head and she can no longer save  Jeremy or herself from what she's about to endure.
Burning flesh, cracking skulls, and the smell of Jeremy's cum are the only things that excite her.
About the Book

In Deranged, Nikki achieved her goal of capturing Jeremy for Nicole, but fell short as Cowboy spoiled their plans. One year later, Nikki refuses to fail and no longer needs Nicole or her assistance. In Deranged 2, Nicole s face was sweet but Nikki s revenge was unstoppable as she moved heaven & earth to be with her man and live the dream life that they planned together. Once free, AND she  sees he's cheating and living their dream life with someone else, Jeremy and his  family have nowhere to hide.

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