Friday, October 28, 2011

FYI Friday: To Be Read List

A To Be Read List is a tool that can be used to organize and plan for books a person wants to read. Authors & Readers Book Corner keeps a TBR list that helps organize the books we plan to read for each month.

Microsoft Excel is a handy tool for developing and organizing spreadsheets. To make a To Be Read List you will need:
  • Excel spreadsheet or Microsoft Word
  • Create column titles such as Author Name, Title of Book, Start Date, Finish Date, and Rating
  • Create a section for each month (optional)
Your list will look different according to how it is set up so have fun designing it. Remember by using a list you can stay organize as well as evaluate the quantity of books and genres read each month. This has helped Authors & Readers Book Corner very much and we will continue to use them.

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