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Book Spotlight: Fannin' Old Flamez

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Troy-a retired pro football player celebrates his 40th birthday with a reunion party that brings his old college friends together after going their separate ways almost twenty years ago.

Lyndsay and Austen-are married but becoming bored with one another after years of routine and rearing twins. Their marriage and love is put to the test when the two of them run into old flames at the party.

Eric-is married to Nicole who has an illness which leaves her not feeling romantic and in the mood and that puts a strain on Eric's will to stay faithful. But does Nicole have a secret of her own?

Shay-her on and off relationship with Troy since college rekindles but her boyfriend and a secret she's been hiding for years will test that friendship and love.

In Fannin' Old Flamez, Tracy L. Cooper brings to life emotion-filled human drama that a lot of men and women deal with when it comes to connecting with old flames, people we consider ourselves to be comfortable with. In this novel you will see the dangers of not letting the past be the past.


In Fannin’ Old Flamez by Tracy L. Cooper, readers are introduced to five friends preparing to attend a birthday and reunion party. Troy has retired from playing football and ready to celebrate his 40th birthday with old friends. It has been twenty years and he cannot wait to catch up on old times especially with one particular classmate.
Shay has been use to an on and off again relationship with old classmate Troy. Shay has not gotten over some of the issues that she and Troy had in the past and the secret she has been keeping could change everything. On the other hand, Shay’s boyfriend Drew is starting to see a change in her behavior and Shay will have to make some hard decisions.
Eric has been trying to be patient with his wife Nicole, who has an illness that leaves her not feeling desirable. Eric is starting to get to a breaking point and it is becoming harder to stay faithful. Unbeknownst to Eric his wife has something up her sleeve and once revealed will change their lives forever.
Lyndsay and Austen is a married couple with children who have no desire to be together. Both realizes their problems while attending their friends party and reuniting with individuals from their past. These old flames have an agenda and it will be up to Lindsay and Austen if they want to jump in the flames.
Fannin’ Old Flamez is about past relationships that need to stay in the past. This book provides readers with drama that happens every day in many relationships. The author does a wonderful job of bringing relatable characters to life in this exciting and entertaining book.  This book does have some grammatical errors but they do not take away from the book. I recommend this book to others.
This book was provided by the author for review purposes.
Teresa Beasley
A&RBC Reviews
3.5 Stars

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