Thursday, August 30, 2012

Book Spotlight: The Marrying Kind

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About The Book

Travis Wayne Highgate has been dumped by his wife. Now he's decided that trying to do things the right way got him nowhere, so he's becoming a player. He changes like a chameleon for each of his new relationships. Once the good guy, now he's devious, conniving, sneaky, and underhanded.

Travis is having the time of his life, until his plan is foiled in ways he never expected. He realizes his wife is the one he should have worked to stay with in the first place, as chance encounters with her and his new relationships teach him that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

About The Author

Monique Miller is a native of North Carolina and is a 1994 graduate of North Carolina Central University in Durham, North Carolina. She is a member of the Divine Literary Tour (DLT) a non-profit organization which brings together Black Greek Authors from across the nation for a cross-country tour to promote literacy. Monique's creative writing landed her a placement in the 2003 Black Expressions Book Club's Annual Fiction Writing Contest. Monique's novels include Quiet As It's Kept, Secret Sisterhood, Soul Confessions and Redemption Lake. Currently, Monique resides in Cary, North Carolina with her family. She is working on her next novel. Visit Monique at

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