Friday, August 17, 2012

Book Review: The Guilt Trip

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The Guilt Trip
Pat Simmons
4 Stars

Aaron “Ace” Jamieson is determined to keep living a carefree life. Aaron is determined that no woman will tie him down. Aaron has a weakness for women but he throws them away at the first mention of pregnancy because he is scared of being like his father, a deadbeat. In The Guilt Trip by Pat Simmons, Aaron will be forced to go through different changes all due to one woman.
Talise Rogers is a hardworking woman trying to reach her goals. Talise meets Aaron and their chemistry is so strong that both are beside themselves. Talise believes in commitment and compromise. When Talise informs Aaron that she is expecting their child, Aaron bolts leaving a confused Talise in his wake. Talise decides that she will be a single parent refusing to talk to Aaron. Will Talise learn to forgive?
The Guilt Trip is about understanding the meaning of family and learning to forgive. The power of prayer and family support can change a person’s life. The main character’s revelation that every woman is not out to trap him and the realization that he is not his father was touching. The author does a wonderful job including powerful messages within her writing. I look forward to more from this series.
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Teresa Beasley
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