Monday, August 13, 2012

Book Review: Against The Gates of Hell

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Against The Gates of Hell
Mylow Young
4 Stars
The relationship between twins is interesting because some can be so different. The twins in Against The Gates of Hell by Mylow Young are like night and day. Kerby and Herby Wilson are brothers struggling with different issues. One is a police officer and the other a functioning addict. Their differences keep them at odds with each other with no chance of a brotherly bond.
Herby is a man trying to live a Christian life. Herby has resentment because of losing his partner as well as losing his brother to drugs. Herby has tried everything to help his brother and when it goes without reasoning, Herby decides to shut his brother out. Ruth, Herby’s wife will not hear of it because the God she serves won’t allow her family to be destroyed. Will Ruth’s faith help heal her husband’s heart?
Kerby’s pride has led him down a desperate path and one he can’t seem to get off. Kerby struggles with his faith and the fact that he needs help. Kerby isolates his self from those who love him. Kerby doesn’t realize he won’t be able to sustain especially when the monkey on his back is getting closer to doing him in. Kerby ends up robbing the wrong dealer, which puts him in a fight for his life.
Against the Gates of Hell is about the internal and external struggles of two men needing to restore their relationship with God. This story truly gives readers a glimpse of the power that drug addiction has over a person. I applaud the author for sharing his story in a creative way. The book was engaging, suspenseful and also frustrating at times. I recommend this book to others.
This book was provided by the author for review purposes.
Teresa Beasley
A&RBC Reviews

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