Saturday, January 7, 2012

Young Adult Book Spotlight: On the Come Up

About The Book

By the time DeMarco was fifteen, being locked up was better than being home. So whenever he got hungry or cold or just plan tired of living in the ghetto, he'd steal something and make sure he got caught, cause going to juvie was like going to heaven: video games, basketball courts, a big screen television, and three hot meals a day. And now that he's back in the hood, things seem worse then before.

Jasmine, DeMarco's twin sister, hasn't had the luxury of vacationing in juvie. She's had to balance being an honor roll student with fighting off advances from her mother's boyfriend. After her mom sides with her boyfriend, Jasmine's out on the streets and running with the DIVAs, a rough group of girls whose number one goal is to get paid. But when Jasmine finally gets her chance to break free, she learns the hard way that no one leaves the hood unscathed...

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