Monday, January 23, 2012

Business of the Week: Promo Styles by Nhea

Who is Promo Styles by Nhea?
Promo Styles By Nhea' is a design company of print/digital works used to market or promote businesses or events for professional or personal use. Promo Styles By Nhea' has designed for churches, baby christenings, wedding invites, apartment communities, book publishing companies and more. This company is owned and ran by Nhea' R. Duncan who has 16 years experience in designing and communicating and listening to her clients to make sure their desires are being met

 What services do you provide?
*Brand design, Logo design, New business packages, Book covers, Newsletters, Flyers, Business Cards, Personalized calendars, Invitations, Poetic Art (typesetting your poetry to art), All sorts of print/digital designs!
*Develop social circles in the Social Networking World
*Develop "Vision Maps" (Marketing Outline)
*Bio writing and Resume writing

 What is your mission and vision?
The mission and vision of Promo Styles By Nhea' is to make you and/or your business memorable by designing works that will bring "attractive attention" giving you the opportunity to Stand Out and feel really good about how you're being presented in the print/digital world.

  Why choose Promo Styles by Nhea?
Promo Styles By Nhea' has a true desire to make people happy or at least contribute to them feeling good about their themselves and their business. Promo Styles By Nhea' is very personable. I work with you to bring Your brilliant vision to fruition. I make it a point to take in your wants and desires. I make it a point to make you feel important. 

What is your location and contact information?
Located in Bel Air, MD (just 45 minutes north of Baltimore City). Contact by phone at 410.330.7112 or email at
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