Friday, August 5, 2011

FYI Friday: Editing for Self-Publishers

Self-Publishers Want To Be Taken Serious!

How do self-publishers make their mark in the literary and publishing industry?

Self-Publishers have to think as traditional publishers do by producing work that a traditional publisher would  publish. The key is to research, gain knowledge about the industry, have self-confidence, be ready to work hard, and be willing to put in the time and effort. One of the main things a self-publisher must do is write a entertaining book with a clear message and make sure that you have it professionally edited and then have your professional editor edit it.

News Flash!!!!!!

Book Expos, Book Festivals, Trade Shows, Conferences and Book Reviewers are starting to not accept self-published books . I recently found that there are three reasons that self-published titles are not being accepted and those are:

1. Is Not Professionally Edited or Proofread
2. Does Not have a Professional Book Cover
3. Poor writing skills which could be a result of poor editing.

If self-publishers want to be taken seriously then they must produce quality material with professional editing and create book cover designs that will capture the readers attention and wrap them into the story. Readers love to be entertained while anticipating the character's next moves, so why not give them what they want? Traditional publishers make this happen for readers and so can self-publishers.

Self-publishers can improve their skills by attending workshops, asking seasoned authors questions, or hiring a book coach or consultant. If traditional publishers can give readers the illusion of the perfect book than so can self-publishers. I am not saying every writer or publisher is perfect because we all know that there is no one perfect person or craft. All I am bringing to you is that we have to hone our craft if we are going to be considered just as good as traditional publishers.

Teresa Beasley is an author, publisher, and publicist who works toward acquiring exposure for self-publishing authors and motivational speakers.

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