Thursday, August 11, 2011

Book Review: Failure Ain't Final

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Failure Ain't Final
Brian Anderson-Payne
4 Stars

When I started reading Failure Ain’t Final by Brian Anderson-Payne, I was expecting another typical self-help book. After reading Failure Ain’t Final, I have received more than a self-help book. Failure Ain’t Final is an inspirational as well as a motivational book for the reader who is stuck in a situation and does not know how to move forward.
This seven chaptered book of guidance provides readers with the information to take the first step to changing their life. I found myself drawn to the second chapter titled, “Don’t Blame Delilah” because this is often what we as individual’s do. We blame the other person so that we do not look at fault due to not wanting to take ownership for what we have done. I also found myself rereading the seventh chapter titled, “Restoration-God’s Idea, God’s Example” because a person can fix what is broken in their life if they learn from examples placed before them. Give the problem over to Him and he will restore your faith, strength, and self-esteem. Restoration can begin with faith and having God in the equation.
Failure Ain’t Final is about making needed changes in your life. The author provides a clear message for readers to not except failure as the answer. I appreciated the author statement, “Don’t complain about a world you won’t attempt to change.” This book explains that statement to the fullest and after reading this book readers will be motivated to move forward. I recommend Failure Ain’t Final to others.
Teresa Beasley
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About The Author
Brian Anderson-Payne is a pastor, author, recording artist, entrepreneur, and speaker. He is the CEO of BAP Ministries, Inc, which is an umbrella organization for the Body of Christ Family Reunion, Out Tha' Box, Hagar's Heart Single Mothers Program and A Shepherds Song. Brian Anderson-Payne would love to hear your feedback email comments to

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