Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Featured Book Review

Straight From Your Gay Best Friend
Terrence Dean
5 Stars

I have never laughed so hard while reading a book. I do believe that every woman needs a gay best friend. Straight From Your Gay Best Friend by Terrence Dean is a guidebook for teaching women all they need to know about relationships, careers, and being fabulous. This 19 chapter book has everything a woman needs to know about letting out the diva inside. It also lets women know how to properly guard their hearts and be selective of the company they choose to keep.

The author informs readers on the do’s and the don’ts of dressing, having and keeping a man, career choices, and friendships. It also informs readers on what it means to take time for you. This fulfilling book is just what every woman, who has ever doubted herself needs to get back on track.
Straight From Your Gay Best Friend was an engaging book of information, resources, and pure fun facts. The author does a wonderful job explaining issues, problems, and solutions throughout the book. The author also provides cases that will help readers understand the message the book is providing. I enjoyed the worksheets and scenarios, which provided examples of what to look for when approaching relationships. After reading this book, I will definitely get me a gay best friend so that I can stay in the know how. I definitely recommend this book to others.
Reviewed by Teresa Beasley

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