Monday, December 13, 2010

Book Spotlight

With money, status, and a multi-billion dollar fashion powerhouse, the Langs are Atlanta royalty. Lena Lang, the family matriarch, is the quintessential  southern socialite, flawless, from her carefully coiffed hair to her designer five-inch stilettos.

But in Lena’s ugly past lurks secrets that she’ll protect at all  costs. When her daughter conjures up old ghosts, Lena fiercely defends her family’s name and status. There’s no limit to what she’ll do to keep the life she worked so hard to attain - even if it means the ultimate sacrifice. The handsome and highly sought after Reynolds Lang and his wife, Blair, appear to be the picture perfect couple. But when, after months of trying, Blair fails to conceive, her obsession becomes more than Reynolds can take. The added pressure from his family to make good on a twenty million dollar offer he can’t refuse may be just enough to send Reynolds over the edge. But someone is there to catch him before he falls. She’s sexy, single, and more than willing to fill the holes in Reynolds’s tumultuous life. But the comfort of a much neededrelief comes at a steep price- one that may be higher thaneven this fashion mogul can afford. Though Lena and Reynolds try to hide  their lies, the truth is undeniable. The past, present, hidden, and revealed come to an explosive collision, threatening the collapse of an empire and leaving the Langs forever changed.

*Snyposis from author website

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