Thursday, December 23, 2010

Business of the Week

Who is Books2Mention Magazine?
Books2Mention Magazine is a place where best-selling authors and up-and-coming authors are featured collectively showcasing their literary works to readers encompassing a diverse genre of literature.

We feature exclusive interviews with authors and highlight literature's finest In The Spolitght with B2M. We also conduct book reviews and provide our readers with the opportunity to share with us exciting news about book releases or recommendations for noteworthy books to read.

What services do you provide?

Books2Mention provides the following services:

Author Interviews (Free of Charge)
Book Reviews (Free of Charge)
Book Promotion Advertisement Packages
Book Video Trailers

Why should authors or readers choose your company?
Books2Mention provides a venue that bridges all authors together, so avid readers and the occasional reader, can experience the best of both worlds. We offer the tools to locate and explore what is now available in literature.

Our team of editors at B2M works closely with authors to ensure that their book projects receive impeccable service for their book promotional needs at an affordable rate.

Why advice (relative to your area of business) can you give to aspiring authors?
Devise a strategic action plan to garner maximum exposure for your book. Thoroughly examine your promotional needs and customize services to assist you with achieving your bottom line.

What is your contact and location information?
You can contact Books2Mention Magazine at or email You can also follow us on Twitter: @Books2Mention. 

Who is your direct contact representative?
 Patricia D. Woods is Books2Mention Magazine's Founder/Editor-In-Chief. You can contact her directly at

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