Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Featured Book Review: Drama With a Capital D

Drama With a Capital D
Denise Coleman
4 Stars
Baby Mamma drama takes on a new meaning in Drama With A Capital D by Denise Coleman. Lonnie is business-minded and a strong woman who takes no stuff from anyone. She is in a loving relationship, or so she thought, until all hell breaks loose. Lonnie finds out that the love of her life, John, has a child with another woman who loves to create problems.
After dealing with the nonsense, Lonnie calls it quits so that she can move on to take care of herself and her career. Whew! Lonnie thinks it is all over but she gets a new surprise at work and hell starts all over again. Will Lonnie see light at the end of her turmoil of terror?
Lonnie then meets Malik and believes things are looking up for her. Malik is everything she wants in a man. However, Lonnie’s experiences filtered unwanted emotions that make her believe he is too good to be true. Could her fears be justified?
Drama With A Capital D is an entertaining story of women and their drama. The patience of the main character is tested repeatedly in ways that are not necessary. The book will keep those readers interested in high levels of drama happy. The twist in the story was not expected bringing more flare to the rest of the book. Even though there were some grammatical errors, the author’s message came through loud and clear. I would recommend this book to others.
Reviewed by Teresa Beasley

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